The Author of Harry Potter Extra 26-12-10

This article will reveal to the reader the true origins of the Harry Potter story and the original author. The content is all true. What the reader believes is up to the readers own discretion. learn about the Harry Potter story and its origin that has not been published by the known author. The information here is by the unknown author who actually originally created the Harry Potter story in the first place, but could not publish the story from lack of the authors story material and designs! By reading the article the reader will gain an understanding as to why the claims made of the origins of the Harry Potter story, as told by Joanne K Rowling, have been unbelievable. Consider the following things that J K Rowling has told the media; She didn’t write to any age group. She wrote to please herself… Amazingly, both children and adults love the stories of Harry Potter! J K Rowling didn’t expect the story would make any large amounts of money… so the story made a fortune and exceeded all other sales of books and film earnings! JK Rowling was a depressed, lonely and insecure woman, but despite her predicament she somehow wrote a wizard story that sold by millions, made her wealthy, brought her fame, respect, and she has been hailed as a genius! Now it is the real authors turn to have his say. Amazing as the story of origin of Harry Potter is, it’s time you learnt the truth. This article is written by the original creator of the Harry Potter story.

The Author

The Harry Potter story is the creation of an Australian man. The story began its origin in 1978. The author was beginning a nine year stint in the Army as a cinema projectionist. During the course of the authors service time many story concepts were constructed with an objective to being entertaining, inspirational, and/or educational. The author decidedly designed stories in the form of story-boards with pages of written notes and most often were designed with children and adults in mind from the beginning. The author was a soldier first and screened many films during the service period, with audiences from preschoolers to adults. After receiving a back injury the author found his working environment hindered his health. The service period ended when the author was prohibited from signing on for further service. Greg left the Army in Feb. 1987. It was at this time that the author, an avid inventor, began filling his stories main body’s with scene designs and written notes on the story-lines of the stories. The designs were set in the form of story-boards for the potential production of films or publications as picture books. To look through the drawings in binder-ring files was a delightful experience for the author and he knew the productions would be well received by the public. He was a very well trained and educated person who had many interests in the sciences and workings of things that most people take for granted. With an interest in education and entertainment, many sciences, and motion picture production, the author was well positioned in his field of employment to design stories that would educate as well as be entertaining. One of his lessons he taught to a class of soldiers was titled; “How to Cook the Perfect Hard-Boiled Egg”! The lesson took under 37 minutes. Another story the author conceived and filmed, with co-producers, using a SONY U-Matic G studio camera/recorder, was titled; ‘Smoking and You’ . Rather than juggling pots and eggs in a classroom, the author had a devil and an angel coaching a person who contemplated having a cigarette. This used voice-overs, while the camera focussed on a live subjects face.

Many inventions, the author designed, provided the drawings that were the basis for the creation of an enormous amount of story-board designs that were used to progressively build the authors many stories. The author drew often. His many drawings were formed to set the vast range of things that created, in the mind of the viewer, the imagery which developed the aesthetic appeal of the stories that were under the original creators control and development until the theft of his several thousand drawings which were setting out several hundred stories in story-board sets. The exact number of stories the author had under construction is not known but include; The Lion King, Finding NEMO, but more to the point, there was a set of seven titles about a boy wizard who attends a wizard school named HOGWARTS. The author has mentioned several projects that involved an educational theme element, and so it is reasonable to expect his other stories would involve an environment based on education. The wizard schools name is well known as the school for wizards and witches in the Harry Potter series but you have not been told how the schools name was actually formed, so it is mentioned now.


H is the initial letter for the name; ‘HARRISON’, which is a street name the author has driven on many times. The name ‘Harry was also chosen for the main characters first-name, partly from this street name. Letter G is the authors first initial. letter O was from the word ‘Gregory’. letters and numbers of the authors name and address were strung in various sets and orders but the author could not decide on using either name; ‘Harry’ or ‘Greg’. Eventually, they were written as; ‘HOG’. The story was being developed to be educational for children, as well as dumb adults, and this is reflected by the school being in the story. The Army and cinema environment in which the author (Gregory Ronald Simcock) was in was very educational for him. In the nine years the author was in the Army he was never posted to his home state of; ‘Western Australia’, and that is where the letters ‘WA’ were derived from. They stood to indicate the authors home state in Australia. With the authors middle initial letter ‘R’ the word ‘WAR’ was formed. The author liked this because, to Greg, it connected the story with his military service life. Being a technically minded person, the author included letter T and added his surname initial letter S. Together, the letters formed the name; ‘HOGWARTS’!

A great deal of thought and design effort went into the development of all aspects that formed the Harry Potter stories that were set in the form of story-boards, and this included the title names of the stories. There were seven titles the author designed for his series of seven stories about a boy wizard and the same seven titles have been heading the Harry Potter films that have been produced by the film companies that have backed JK Rowling and her publications in the series of stories about a boy wizard, which the unknown author, Gregory Ronald Simcock as JK Rawling, first created! Several thousand drawing and notes pages, which were the compilation of years of creative effort, were stolen from the authors home in the 1990’s and many products the author had designed have subsequently appeared on the market. They have come from places all over the world. Some of the products and their maker are mentioned here.

Microsoft has produced the operating systems; Me, NT4, XP, XP-Pro and game consoles; X-Box and X-Box 360. There is a game console on the market called Wii. Apple have produced products that start with ‘I’, as in iPod, iPhone, and make a thin laptop named Apple-Air. IBM created the ThinkPad with a cursor control pad in the area joining corners of button keys; G,H,B. It was designed to make fast cursor positioning on the laptop monitor screen without the use of a PC mouse, while Fujitsu made the LifeBook tablet PC. Let one not forget the Intel company made the Pentium 4 cpu and the socket 775 mounting system and also branded computer cases with the motif; ‘Intel Inside’, while a new company made the Sandisk ‘SD’ card. Then there is Kensington with the laptop lock for safely tethering peoples laptop computers to a table. The list of the unknown authors inventions is extensive and not one company has offered the author credit for one’s creations. The things mentioned are of the original designs of Gregory Ronald Simcock, the first inventor and creator, and so is much of the Harry Potter stories concept theme, character, and creature, designs and story-lines the same authors creation.

What’s in a Name?

If the claims are overwhelming then the reader may justifiably be so overwhelmed, as the claims seem outlandish to say the least, but they are true claims and there is much more than meets the eyes of the reader to see. If the reader has access to one of the title covers of the Harry Potter series of film DVDs then a look at the title text graphic of the boys name; Harry Potter. The reader may find the original authors initial letters in the boy wizards title graphic name. Between letters Ha is letter G linking the two, and linking letters Po can be found letter S. The reason the authors initial letters are known to be found in the title graphic of the boy wizards name is because the unknown author deliberately designed the font and title name of his wizard stories to include his first and last initial letters; ‘GS’. At least one of the titles include the authors home number ’71’ in the leg of letter P of the name Potter. When the letter was being created the author wrote these letters and numbers as the basis of the title graphics and the result was a tapered font of a three sided arrow. This suited the author, as the authors surname ‘Simcock’ means ’Arrow-maker’!

After the author had noticed the likeness of some of his inventions on the market he was not overly concerned, because he had not left his home country or made public his design drawings, and one thought they were safely kept in binder files in his home. However, when the author realised his designs were appearing often in products he remembered designing, and stories he designed were appearing as films he story-boarded, his attention took more than a thought and a glance. It was some time after then that he realised his inventions designs files, and story-boards of hundreds of stories for film and animations, had been stolen. At first the author was numb in thoughts as to what had happened, so several years passed with him being dismayed. The author had no will-power and had no purpose. His memory had somehow waned and he could not recall the hundreds of things he had designed and drawn as products. Many designs were inventions in the electronics and computer industry and included the 3DTV systems as are now in use in LED TV’s, monitors, and camera lens systems. This was not the determined nature of the inventor who was always thinking, designing or writing. The author had planned on releasing his designs to companies or in publications and farming out his stories to producers. There were many toys, tools, machines and vehicles of many kinds that needed licensing out to relevant manufacturing companies but the author somehow lost the lot of his creations.

When the film; ‘Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone’ appeared on the film circuit in Australia, the author of that story was curious of the title and author name but it wasn’t until a man named Alan Page had contacted the author, asking if the author had gone to see the new film about a boy wizard that Greg had noticed but had no intention to see. At least, not in the cinema! The authors name was recognised as being the same as the name as had been told to Alan Page as being the authors name of the Harry Potter story, which this unknown author had nearly completed, and the name of the film was identical to this unknown authors wizard stories first title name. This authors expectations of being known as a great inventor and artist had been destroyed and he fell to pieces, emotionally and physically. Unknown to the reader, the loss is far greater than the loss of some simple artwork or drawings. There is a lot of technical design drawings that have been stolen from the author. The author only designed products and things that he considered were marketable, as he had no income that was work generated. He had high hopes of obtaining a good income from his inventions, but the theft of his artwork and invention designs and stories story-board sets have meant that he still lives on a Veterans TPI pension. Among the stolen designs there were towards 1000 inventions and product designs that were laid out in various views with written details about a products construction and purpose. The products have appeared on television often. In the authors home, many personal items were switched with foreign items and family momentous had been switched with other items of no personal value to the author. The authors bed was substituted with a dingy and worn out bed. To add insult to injury, many home and property items had been damaged. The author had never felt so low in self esteem, in his life, as he felt when he realised the size of his loss.

It was several years after the release of the first Harry Potter film production before the author got to see the film on television. The real creator of the Harry Potter story concept designs, JK Rawling (Not the plagiarist – JK Rowling), then began an enduring task of identifying products he became aware of, that he realised he had designed the same, while his emotions led to many tears from the long periods of loneliness the author has lived through, without his families he created in his designs. The author felt he had virtually been raped and his heart had been torn from his chest. He could not remember the many designs he had drawn in the years of his inventing and this exacerbated his feeling of aloneness. His drawings had shown his artistry and genius and his stories effervescent with his creativity, but nobody wanted to listen to his claims of being the true creator of the many things he reported or spoke about to people. So his many stories and inventions were presented to the unsuspecting people of the world by frauds. (Only one fraud has been mentioned in this article.)

JK Rowling is not the original creator of the Harry Potter story concept, story-lines of five stories viewed to date, title names of seven stories, much of the theme design features, characters and creatures, or of the many main names in the series. For instance; Hermione, Hagrid, Dumbledore, Dobby, Buckbeak, Hogwarts Express, The Dragon Challenge. That last name was an off-shoot from a fishing reel the author designed and called ‘The Dragon Reel’. The Firefox logo includes a dragon in the background because the original Firefox logo includes the outline of a dragon, as well as a mouse in the lower foreground. The logo was one of this unknown authors creations that was designed for use in a web browser this author was building and had working until the theft of the authors property. Alan Page had taken a copy of the Firefox logo and not returned it for some reason not offered. There are many stories and films now made that were first designed as story-boards by this unknown author.

For Kin the Author – JK Rawling

After forming the story-board for the story named; ‘The Lion King’, the writers name of this unknown author was designed, using the letters of his parents and his name initials. The-Lion-King story was a tribute to the authors father, Ronald George Simcock, who died shortly after the story-board set was formed. Alan Page had asked about that stories story-board drawings and the story-lines that were being developed for its film production. The authors mothers name is Patricia Joy, but she prefers to be called Joy. J is a symbol of high quality, so it reflected his thoughts of his mothers love during his up-bringing. The unknown author is a Leo and so the name; ‘J.K Rawling’ was designed to include and reflect these initial letters; J.K.R. The word ‘Raw’ reminds the author of his star sign, Leo, [as in; Leo-the-Lion] and colour red, as is the meat which the lion eats. The colour; ‘red’ is used as a code sign to alert the author to look at a film segment and review it! K was added to reflect the authors star sign as the King-of-beasts, which the lion is known as. It is also the largest letter of the authors surname and it is used as a mark in his story-boards. From these attributes, the creator formed his author name: J.K Rawling! It was to be first used in the publishing of the authors children stories.

Early in the 1990’s the man named Alan Page asked the unknown author about the stories story-boards that have been mentioned, but there was one set of loosely formed drawings and designs with some written material on the story-lines of the story-boards that were individually asked about. After telling him they were a book of short stories, Alan Page, known as a friend of the unknown author, asked what the title of the book of short stories would be. Greg Simcock, the unknown author, was suspicious by this time and so he mumbled; ‘The Tales of Beedle The Bard’! When Alan Page then repeated the title name the author liked the sound of the name and so he wrote it on his design files as the name of the book of short stories, but what had not been said was that the name said included a coded message. The book, title by the same name, was published by Joanne K Rowling in 2008 and it includes the same stories that this unknown author had designed. One of the issues of that book of short stories is a special edition which has much more on the cover than the name of a plagiarist! It is, after all, of the original story-board drawings of this unknown author: Gregory Simcock. This is the reason why his initials and other details are on the cover of the book that is known as the ‘Special’ edition!

What has been written above is true. The real creator of the original Harry Potter story is a philosophical person named: Gregory Ronald Simcock. Oprah Winfrey has been stung by the bug that has bitten many people. In an interview, JK Rowling mentioned, to Oprah Winfrey, she felt she was like a beetle. This claim is one I had told Alan Page the author of my wizard story may say in a marketing segment. The Beetles were a popular music group of the 1960’s that was known as the ‘fab 4’. This unknown author, Greg Simcock, uses number 4 as a code component. It may be found on the end of the left-front-root on the tree stump on the cover of the book, titled; ‘The Tales of Beedle The Bard’, special edition. It is the one with the leafy vine on the cover around a tree stump. To hear the truth about the origins of the Harry Potter story, as has been written in this message, is one thing, but to hear the lies of a plagiarist… and believe her, is foolish! Is the reader a fool? One is if JK Rowling’s claim of the origin of the Harry Potter story is believed! What took the real creator many years to form, and nurture (until the stories materials was stolen), took the plagiarist author only four hours for it to come; ‘fully formed’, when the Harry Potter concept; ‘ fell into the known authors head’, while she was on a ‘Delayed-train’! Reader, it didn’t happen that way. In actual fact; The story-line took years to develop and built upon with drawings created by Greg Simcock, in Australia. Only the author of the original story of Harry Potter would know the details offered in this article. The real name and/or initials of the author of the original concept story-board designs of the Harry Potter stories appear in various locations in publications by JK Rowling and other authors! There is more to the origins of the publications by JK Rowling. The title names of the books; ‘Quidditch Through the Ages’ and; ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ are of this unknown author’s origin, but the books were not written up when Alan Page asked for the names of these books and was told these names.

My stories did not grow wings but they have surely travelled far and wide. This author has not been in the frame of mind to write about the stories as one would have, but the reader has been told some things that have not been told by Joanne K Rowling, or any of her marketing agents, and only the reader can decide whether this unknown author is offering the reader the truth. It is all true that has been said in this message.

Thank you for your interest in this information. For those who need more on the truth to the origins to the Harry Potter story, Go to;

Happy Days,

Gregory Ronald Simcock,

as Author; J. K. Rawling


  1. Neil Copeland Says:

    If the books were as badly written as your article, it might be more believable.

  2. Rob Says:

    Greg my heart breaks for you and all they have taken from you, Don’t trust Al if you still speak to him he is dishonest and i suspect he is involved. and don’t be afraid soon I believe I may have the evidence you require. My name is Rob and I believe risk, so many many ideas have been directly stolen and they did a clever job of It.
    I hope we speak again

    • JKRawling Says:

      Thanks for your support Bob. I could do with some help finding a way to present what is obviously a huge conspiracy that has been deployed to keep me from getting any recognition for my inventions and stories. If there is any way you can help me expose the truth then I will be grateful. If people knew what I know they would be very alarmed. I have taken many a blow to my head when I was assaulted and knocked unconscious on 15-May-2013 and that set me back some years but I will survive. More details about my loss of the Harry Potter stories may be found on

  3. emily Says:

    You must admit this is unbelievable and sorry I don’t believe you. even if this was true HOW did you not notice when ‘your story’ first came out???

    • jkrawling Says:

      I have written only facts. You have been led-on to believe what you do, so that you believe those you have followed as the stories I originated got published! I did not finalize my stories of Harry Potter into books with binders, or covers, and then publish them. That was done by persons who we are led to believe published the work of Jo Rowling. People only have to look in the title of the words “Harry Potter” in a H.P. book or in one of the film title graphics to see my stylized initials of GS. Letter G is linking Ha in Harry and S links Po in Potter. If you look at the Microsoft Windows wave logo in the XP/XP-Pro operating system you will notice the wave form is much like the line linking letters Po in Potter. That is because I designed the wave logo for an operating system I was developing (with the intention of offering my concept to Microsoft) and so my drawings gained similarities in their line forms. The wave logo got completed and put in my designed welcome screen for the operating system I had under construction for some time. The title graphics for the Harry Potter stories were being formed at about the same time. I alternated between my projects, so they developed slowly but surely, depending on what was on my mind and how I felt at any one period. I rarely discarded any paperwork, as the paperwork I had was most often of technical designs of things. I thought I was ensuring the safe keeping of my inventions by not discarding my unneeded artwork. I drew often, some sort of machine, and I would alter the line work so that a drawing was formed out of what would otherwise have been rubbish. I had then, instead of rubbish, a nice drawing to add to my art file. That is why the things in the Harry Potter stories, such as Hogwarts castle, looks mechanical in some ways. When you look at the castle, in a technical frame of mind, the structure may appear as line work of tool parts. The wavy lines I had drawn on paper, so as to get my wave logo design-lines drawn as I wanted them, was added to with a little boat and a character I named Iggle Piggle. I gave my character a little red blanket to keep hold of, so that I would notice the character if it appeared in an animation. It did, and I noticed his little red blanket as he waved it to catch my attention! I added the finished drawing to another one of my children’s stories, which I named “In The Night Garden”. It was set in a park with trees and nice green lawn. It had a wonderful feature-set of characters and machines that were delightful to see and for me to peruse through – when they were in my design files. I have noticed the program made of my concept stories of “In The Night Garden” was created in England, but the product is a derivative from my artwork and design. It is another series of stories I originally created for children. There are many stories for children I created the story-board artwork for, with stories and names of characters in them. I named most of the main characters and creatures that later appeared in the Harry Potter stories. My website reveals how I believe my stories artwork got out of my home: Stolen from my home was artwork for about one thousand inventions, with many of them potential products, that are now on the market! I have not a life of what I once had that I thought was normal. I want a lawyer who knows how to deal with the loss of so much artwork and intellectual property but I have no way of getting people to believe me, unless they look at what I point out in films and actually see what I say is there. Everyone has their own thing to do in their life and so I don’t expect much from the public. I therefore put my time into researching products and stolen stories that have since been produced. There are hundreds of products and stories I originated the concept artwork for that are on sale now in advanced forms! The Harry Potter stories developed from one story. That is why the first story had such good technical features in it. Jo Rowling didn’t create anything technical in the stories! The express train, the castle, platform nine and three quarters. They were all of my origin. The number on the express train is a code number. The platform nine and three quarters has an associated code number (a puzzle) Each and Every Title Name in the series of Harry Potter stories (All have meaning), including The Sorcerers Stone, was designed by me, not Jo Rowling. Cheers.

    • J.K.Rawling Says:

      The job I did for nine years was associated with the film industry. I was a cinema projectionist in the Australian Army. I must have screened 1000 films, to all age groups. I screened to all age groups. That is why I designed stories from preschoolers through to adults and of many categories and styles. I haven’t released most information about my inventions and stories I designed as they are many and if the people cannot believe I created the Harry Potter stories concepts and main themes, characters, titles, and stories and that all got stolen, written-up, then published, the people are fools! I don’t believe a lie is worth telling. The doubters are just ignorant of the facts, as it is easier to believe a lie than it is to believe the truth, so the facts get swamped by ignorance of people. I realize that people have not got the time to step-back and take notice of things they passed. It is because people walk and move forward while I muse over my empty past life, not being able to bring my creations to fruition – while other’s did! I am deeply pained by my losses. My art consisted of many characters that were my families. I talked to them often, then one day I found I had nothing to do, so I sat down in my lounge chair and wondered what I had done the day before and before then. I couldn’t think of a project I was working on by designing parts or a scene setting, so I picked up a drawing pad and opened it, thinking the drawings in it would remind me of projects I was working on and so I could continue with one of the drawings I had yet to finish, but there was nothing but blank pages and some scribbled notes in my drawing pad. I picked up another drawing pad, with the same result. It was empty. I began to draw something completely new and not associated with anything I had designed earlier. I thought I must have been tired but that drawing I did was very inventive and yet it vanished. I just couldn’t understand what had happened to my artwork. I asked people to help me figure out what the problem was but I got no help. When one has been an avid inventor nearly most of one’s working life it would be reasonable to believe that the inventor would have many pages of notes and drawings in his files, but nothing substantial was left in my files. My home contents had changed and I realized my home contents had been done-over. I believe I had been drugged and the drug had affected my memory. Seeing my inventions as products, as they appeared, or soon afterwards, have caused me to notice the products likeness to my designed product concepts artwork, but I didn’t realize my artwork had gone missing, so I continued to work on current projects while my filed and most often completed projects, got made and then marketed. I didn’t go into book stores much, as I bought magazines of a technical subject. In my hobbies of electronics, photography, aircraft, and other activities, I created my own stories and artwork for them. I drew often. I loved my art. It consisted of children, characters and animals, such as; horses,lions,leopards, cats and dogs. I was out of the Army and I had lost all ties with friends, so my characters, children and animals, creatures and dinosaurs were my family members. When I realized that had all gone from my lounge, study, and bedroom I collapsed onto the foreign bed that had been put in place of my bed and I cried a river of tears. When I saw the preview of Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone on the television I was not at ease but I had no cause to believe the story behind the title was my story of a wizard orphan boy, so I let the thought of that effect go, but for the author name to be the same as I had told a visiting friend was my author name was very odd, I thought, but I believed my stories artwork was in my files and so time went by for some years and when the first Harry Potter title aired on my television I eagerly watched it and enjoyed it very much, but all the while trying to read into the story. The following morning I awoke with the film title on my mind and I was very restless. From that moment on I experienced another emotional, gut wrenching, upheaval that took my energy away. I became distracted from my researching of my product designs and I soon realized there were other stories to the series. The Nine television network then screened another title “The Chamber Of Secrets” and I recognized the name, so I eagerly watched that film. I then had two films to analyze, as if the other three hundred wasn’t enough! Yes, I designed many stories and drew them as story-boards. That is why the Harry Potter stories were so nice in the structured features in the stories. I had taken nine years to form the basic theme of children exploring old castles when I began drawing the story-board drawings for the production of my stories. When I drew the Hogwarts castle I was very delighted by it, as it was more strange and creepy than an earlier drawing I had done of a castle. I had a lot of unusual drawings but when I drew the girl on a witches broom I sat back and looked at what I had done to my simple story of children exploring creepy castles in old forests set in England and Scotland. I was in Australia where castles are not part of our historical past. I was designing a wonderful place where I had wanted to go to since I was a boy. With my girl on a witches broom I saw that she could fly… as she was the only feature to look at on my drawing page, but I saw my story was of a witch girl. I then drew the boy on her right, using a mirror to reflect my face, then I was her friend and the girl was my friend. We flew about the page together until I got tired of being bound by its edges and we then flew about my lounge room, on into the dining room and then the kitchen, where I made a cup of tea and thought of how my story would be if I made the children witches and wizards.You may believe what you like but the Harry Potter stories were of my origin. I created the stories and not Jo Rowling. I formed Harry P. From the street and suburb I live in. It just so happened that “Harry Potter” was the name of a man I sold a HAMMOND Phoenix organ to in 1982. I began forming my story in 1978. That’s a long time to have been forming a story.I thought I had been pottering about for too long with my stories and so I was hurrying to finish my stories: The Philosopher’s Stone; The Lion King, and; Finding NEMO, are just three of my stories. They were my three main stories I created the concepts of during my nine years Army service. That last name was derived from the word “MONEY”, as I was out of work and looking towards my stories making me some money for me to live on. Hermione was named after the name on my old van “HERMANN’S REFRIGERATION”. I have written about the forming of her name on my website at; and THE LIAR BIRD poem I wrote reveals the true origin of the story,at;

    • JKRawling Says:

      I don’t believe you are educate because you don’t believe in the truth? What part of my article don’t you believe? You sit on the side-line and spit at the players of a game then run and hide like a chicken in front of a dog. I don’t blame you but you have spoken without seeing and believing what has been thought for years but not read about, so its goodnight to you.

  4. Lord Says:

    It doesn’t look like JK Rowling is telling the truth, since she can’t look at anyone in the eyes while shes speaking on interviews. I find it hard to believe she wrote the books, after watching her respond shortly and almost not knowing what she is speaking about.
    Although its hard to believe your story as well.

    • jkrawling Says:

      Odyssevss@hotma. My response seems to have vanished, so I again mention I am reporting the facts you haven’t heard said by the known published author of Harry Potter in media interviews. I have no need to frown, or avoid looking into the eyes of interviewers or camera lenses. I never borrowed a letter K to add to my writers name so as to fool the readers into thinking the story of Harry Potter was written by a man. I did not name my pet cockroach ‘Jo Rowling’ as my story had been commandeered by a now ‘well known’ plagiarist! I had drawn a cockroach after seeing one on a dung pile, late at night, and drawn what I saw. I continue to use that name, Jo Rowling, to refer to my pet cockroach.

      Happy days,
      Author, JKRawling
      My writers name is J. K. Rawling. However,
      I am Gregory Ronald Simcock,
      The original creator of the Harry Potter stories concepts and designs.

    • jkrawling Says:

      Late as I am, sorry, but the truth has been said by me. You notice correctly the eyes looking away as often a question is asked that entices an answer of originality. I could not complete my stories because my work and art go stolen prior to the completion of the stories drafts. They were well bodied from the first story to the fifth, but lesser through to the last story. The artwork was where the imagery came from in the films and books. All main names, characters, creatures, and all title names were of my origin. Read some more facts at my website at

      People may doubt my word, but it is not tainted with lies, so anything I claim may be believed.

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