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August 31, 2011

The Harry Potter stories concepts were not designed by Joanne Rowling, they were created by me, Gregory Ronald Simcock. Some URL’s to information about the stories development are as follows;
earnamint’s channel, on youtube – The Avenge Bulletin

Plagiarism is far more serious than the act of stealing. The effect of plagiarism perpetuates as each person who reads plagiarized work potentially has the ability to pass on misinformation. I served nine years in the Army as a cinema projectionist. I screened many films and using my drawings I built hundreds of stories in the form of story-boards. I titled my stories, named the main characters, and composed the theme song of many stories. The main chorus in the Harry Potter films is of my origin. I did not create the whole film score.


August 31, 2011

On is information on the true origins of Harry Potter. The creators stories, designs, and written material that presented the creators inventions, as; stories, programs, machines, got stolen from the creators Australian home and began appearing as products as the creator had designed them, but I am not known for my creations. Other people, such as Jo Rowling, have gained the credit and fame for my authored stories and inventions. The Harry Potter concept and most of its stories, constructions and character set are not of her own creation. Her input into the further development of the stories, after the theft of the original story-boards that I, Greg Simcock, had formed over ~17 years, may only be considered as supplementary work. I am Greg Simcock, the creator of the main characters, creatures, features and school concept. From what I have seen and recognized I believe the Harry Potter productions to have been produced of my original designs of Hogwarts.

August 30, 2011