The Adventures Of Willy The Wizard

I have not revealed this information before, as stress was too great and I lived a hellish life while my stories of Harry Potter were marketed as books and films. The story named; “The Adventures of Willy The Wizard – No.1 Livid Land” appeared in the market and soon there was a claim of plagiarism against Jo Rowling for what was inferred to be for concepts said to be taken from the story by a deceased author named Adrian Jacobs. The Estate of the deceased said author failed to provide payment of a court order to pay part of the court fees by a set date and so the claim was disallowed. I will now reveal some facts not previously made known by the agent for the estate. The information is true as it is amusing.

‘Twas on a hot day in my home I sat naked in my lounge chair, with nothing on but my spectacles and a note-pad with some sheets of A4 plain copy paper over my lap. I pondered as to what I would draw that was needed for my Harry Potter story but I had mostly finished the main stories story-boards so I sat with my legs crossed as I sat in an old, white, bat-winged lounge chair I had bought at a local auction for $5.00, while using my notepad as a fan, as it was a rather hot West- Australian summers day. I noticed my penis move as my scrotum adjusted its position, possibly because of the heat it was feeling on that day, and as I had no need to create another drawing for use in my Harry Potter story at that time I decided to draw my penis to keep me busy and my mind occupied with work and not play. It was well drawn, my penis, but as building stories for children didn’t warrant a drawing of my cock among my selection of girls and boys that I had drawn as characters in my main story of a wizard boy, that were all stored in my design file, I drew windows on the shaft of the drawing of my penis and added some silly looking characters appearing in the windows along its length. I realized I had an even bigger problem then, than the theft of my art and plagiarism, on my mind at that time. The head of the drawing of my tool was fully abloom by then and so I had to modify its appearance to enable it to get past the ratings board so it would become more suitable for general exhibition, after all it was a piece of my well-formed art, so I drew a driver appearing up the front to the right, however, the driver of a train usually sits on the left side in the drivers compartment and as I had no character in the left side, up the front end, I drew a second character to appear where the driver of a train would normally sit.  I sat back and looked at it with a curious eye and realized that it had no wheels, so, to keep its shaft-like appearance, I decided to not draw wheels along its body but instead I drew another character above the rear of the shaft while I thought about the point to which it was heading. To finish the drawing of my male member I drew caps on the engineers but the pens ink ran and so I had to redraw the caps a little higher to save the drawing. When I sat back and looked it all over I realized I had drawn what appeared to be an aircraft without wings or a tail but it appeared to be flying, as did the Ford Anglia 105-E car in the Harry Potter story that I drew, and the character high up at the rear of the trains body appeared as a wizard flying along with the train out in front. The wizard was actually drawn on my stylized initials as identifying marks but also that the drawing would be remembered to have been begun with a drawing of my penis and so I called the drawing of my willy train The Adventures Of Willy The Wizard. At some time later a friend named Alan Page arrived and entered my home. I was repairing my computer in the dining room then and while my fingers were among the wires inside my computer Alan Page went into my lounge room and brought back with him to the dining room a file of loose drawings. He opened the file and began asking me questions about the drawings in it. Those drawings were the ones I had left over after building my Harry Potter stories into story-board sets for the stories of Harry Potter. I had drawn the title name in my own font style but as my friend was very interested in my story I made of those left-over drawings I extended its title by adding the encoded words No 1 Livid Land. By rotating the numeral 1 and the letter L of Livid, when side by side, you get the appearance of No. 71 ‘1L’ which is my home number. The word ‘Land’ was added to finish the title in the mind of Alan Page but it was really to help me remember that Alan Page had been asking me about my story if ever the need arrises after him being curious about the details of that silly story about my penis train. That is how it came to be called “The Adventures Of Willy The Wizard – No. 1 Livid Land”, with me being the wizard riding a witches broom above the rear of my flying train which I had formed with left-over artwork after using what I needed out of my art file to build the story-boards for my Harry Potter stories and hundreds of other stories. After the main Harry Potter story had been produced I became more alert as to what Joanne Rowling was claiming of my story and when I heard her claim Hermione Granger was modeled on her meagre childhood I was very upset because Hermione Granger was created by me sketching a girl in a picture of a nine year old girl who appeared to look like a girl I vaguely remembered at the time I drew her as a main character who was to be my friend in the story I created. I was so upset that a poem began to spill from my mouth and so I wrote it down.   I named my poem THE LIAR BIRD, You can read it, here:

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