Facts About The Creator Of Harry Potter

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The real creator of Harry Potter is a man. That’s really true but you were not told that by the conspirators who have conspired with each other to prevent the actual creator of the Harry Potter stories from being credited with his masterpiece which he built from its initial concept that was begun in 1978 and continued to be developed until the main work on the seven stories was bound in a binder file that contained the artwork of the main characters, creatures, features and names of the stories almost seventeen years later. To his friends the author is known as Greg Simcock but his author name, J. K. Rawling (Joe King Rawling) hasn’t generated him anything but heartache since the well-known plagiarist presented the creators stories about his wizard orphan boy as being by a woman who has pomoted herself as Joanne K. Rowling since publishing the creators story of The Philosopher’s Stone as a novel. She has let nothing stop the lies she has told of the stories origin from being discovered for what they are. The lies began to be told from the first word she wrote of the story she knew was the creation of the man who created the Harry Potter stories drafts and artwork that visually displayed them in the form of story-boards. Once the transcript of the first story-boarded story was written-up she presented it to a publisher. The story was well received by the publisher. As it was a stolen story the novel gained a dubious history of being the work of an English woman who oddly was unemployed with an ill mother.  After the mother died the plagiarist soon found work as a foreign teacher. After getting married she gave birth to a baby girl and so she became a mother. She soon divorced her husband then returned to England where the miracle story has been said happened when she was on a delayed train to Manchester and followed-on to the release as a novel. Would you believe she claims if you knew one of them was that the Harry Potter story fell into her head “fully formed”? Rowling claimed she knew the story had seven sagas! That is probably because the original creator had written seven titles to his stories in his work file. In fact, all of the title names were written out clearly on the creators draft of the stories. The stories were formed as picture-books. What Rowling is believed to have done was to write them up into novels. The first story was well set out in the picture-book form with detailed information presented textually with the artwork… so writing a novel about the story was a doddle for anyone who could read and write and who had the artwork of the stories, especially for a teacher.  The joke played on the public was that Rowling claimed she didn’t think the story would make any money! he story actually began with it intended to be made into the best children’s story for film production! As book sales soared high enough to break historical sales records Rowling’s face took on a worried look but the cameras that photographed her haven’t lied in front of the lying plagiarist! Rowling claims she did not write for children. She has said to a talk show host she did not think to write for children.  After a production company offered to produce the story Rowling claimed she was worried! Anyone who had a hot potato in their hand would most-likely drop it but not Jo Rowling. She just worried about being found out and so wrinkles appeared on her physiognomy as she frowned at the thought of being found out. I say: Once a plagiarist always a plagiarist! Her lies have not always been obvious though. For example; Rowling claims she didn’t create the concept design of the castle named Hogwarts. In addition to that, she never described Hogwarts castle in the novel but of the drawing of a castle she was shown by the producer she claimed it was as she had imagined it to be. Since her first appearance in the public domain lies were told one-by-one. They were set in pictures and digital recordings during media interviews and they continued to be told in newscasts that filled television screens and newspapers around the world in many languages but following the baffling tale of the stories beginning as being based partly on her selfish upbringing, with sympathy-seeking claims including her dying mother who passed away without ever knowing of the wonderful story her depressed and suicidal daughter had plagiarized, she managed to fool the readers and followers of the stories she told were true. What is written here is true but the reader will probably choose to disbelieve the facts. The response to the creators efforts in seeking help to present his claim for rights to the stories Jo Rowling has written-up, of the genuine creators work, has not ever been given any attention. It has meant that the actual creator of the original drafts of the stories of Harry potter has had to keep quiet about his loss of authorship. If there is anyone interested in knowing the facts about the Harry Potter stories real origin and many other stories then be aware Greg Simcock only reveals facts about things he originally created. However, his artwork of several thousand drawings that presented his inventions and stories got stolen from his Australian home before they began to appear on the market as products. To help the real creator get some recognition for his inventions the promoters of Greg Simcock’s inventions and stories can write to the creator with information as to how they got hold of the creators design or designs of something not of their origin. The creator of Harry Potter has posted several poems he wrote while he endured pain and anguish as Jo Rowling promoted his stories as novels and films. One is “The Liar Bird”. Another is “The Singing Cockroach”. The reader may read them, on:  http://jkrawling.tumblr.com/

The author of the Harry Potter stories is an unknown inventor who created about a thousand inventions of many kinds. Things he designed were drawn in their perspective views and written about in enough detail so any reader would be able to continue their development towards production. Having a technical mind he created the artwork for many new inventions or improvements of inventions. Stories were often created out of the authors artwork from his inventions. Hundreds of his stories were therefore set out as sets of story-boards and many of those stories have been made into productions as they were intended to be made but the creator has never been credited or mentioned in the productions of his stories. The Harry Potter stories are among the inventors works of his genius, not of Jo Rowling the plagiarist! Because of the inventors fear for his life if he makes known some of his technical designs that have made their way onto the market and around the world he has not revealed a lot of things among his numerous claims to things mentioned in his posts. The following information includes some of the things the unknown inventor created the design-concepts of but is he is not known for them: The i-Phone, i-Pad, i-Bot, i-Book and i-River. Steve Jobs (deceased) gained the credit for those things that were released by the Apple company he founded but Greg Simcock is their original creator in design-concept. With the release of the mp3 player the Apple computer company climbed out of its financial debt as slumbering computer sales failed to capture the computer users eyes when Microsoft marketed a cheaper alternative. Microsoft released Windows ME which Greg Simcock had named one of his concept operating system designs. Greg Simcock created the design-concept artwork for several operating systems. Windows XP/XP-Pro was designed in concept by the unknown creator. The image named BLISS was one of Greg Simcock’s digital paintings he especially created to be the default desktop image for the mentioned operating system. It has another image of a similar form but appearing as a vineyard in autumn. Those images have been credited to a photographer but they are not photographs as claimed by the person claiming that lie! Microsoft released a game console named The X-Box. It was a big seller around the world but the creator of its concept was not credited for his design concept. Some stories as productions by the unknown creator of their story-boards include; A Fish Called Wanda, Mr. Bean, Fifty First Dates,  Meet The Fockers, Dennis The Menace, Finding NEMO, The Lion King, AVATAR, TITANIC… and hundreds more stories and inventions. The creator wants Jo Rowling to bring into the open the truth to how she gained the work on the Harry Potter stories she has written-up and published as her own.  I have lost my stories and inventions because of theft and plagiarism, so now I promote the occasional income earning software such as Market Samurai using tools I have found most useful, such as this must-have Auto Re-blogger program, to which I am an affiliate agent.

Greg Simcock




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4 Responses to “Facts About The Creator Of Harry Potter”

  1. lee c fairfax Says:

    I can not imagine that the brilliant and highly nuanced stories sprang up from comparatively nothing…no background or previous work or study.. the 8th book proves she could not write Harry Potter. she announced there would be 7. what writer does that? Nothing new, ever? that is not how writers are. Tolkien took a lifetime to write his books and he had a serious background in languages and history. I will always believe she found the manuscripts in a trunk or the like.

    • JKRawling Says:

      The first five stories of the Harry Potter series were well story-boarded with drawings I drew and set among pages of writing about the stories. The main characters, creatures, features and names of things, including every title name of the series of stories of Harry Potter were among my work. Many names had been made up with id elements that were set into my artwork of the stories key features and you don’t know they were in some of the stories productions but they are there and I intend to reveal them when I am believed. The most obvious id mark you can find is my initials GS, set into the words Harry and Potter. The wavy appearance of the title text for Harry Potter was created by drawing my initials horizontally in a stylized form, and in series then Harry was written in dashes with a pencil on the letter G and Potter was written in dashes with a pencil on letter S. The names were then built upon by further pencil work over hours and touched up over days of going back and looking at what I had previously done. The title words “Harry Potter” took about a week to create to my satisfaction but as I was in a hurry to finish my initial story of the series I quickly formed the rest of the title using what I considered would be a font that was an extension to that which was used in the characters name font. The font was not commercially available because of the way the letters were formed. Hogwarts Express was a name I made up to be a way to get children to school fast, without being able to get off the train, therefore preventing truancy, so they would get a good education by the wizard who was to teach them in a castle environment. Whoever finished my stories did a good job but my work was very nicely drawn to be the basis of picture-books to be made along with the productions.

  2. Weasley4life Says:

    Seriously? Anyone who has read the Harry Potter series would be able to tell that you are not the author after reading just two sentences of your blog. You have made the most ridiculous claims…no one believes you.
    Get a life.

    • JKRawling Says:

      I am the designer, the original creator of the Harry Potter stories and several hundred other stories and hundreds of inventions. My work was being thieved as far back as the early 1990’s without my knowing about that activity because I was working long hours creating many projects in part whenever I could generate enough technical improvements with what I read and learned towards creating the things I formed into graphic works of many types of things now available around the world. Many productions have been created from my drafted stories which were set out in the form of story-boards for the purpose of my stories being made into picture-books and productions. By writing about my drawings and their associated written work any person, including J. K. Rowling, would have been able to write my stories out into the form of novels. That is what has happened to my Harry Potter stories, with the added extra work that was required to complete the stories where necessary. That is what is called plagiarism and that has been done repeatedly by Joanne K. Rowling and the effects of doing so has left me unknown for my work. https://www.facebook.com/gregsimcock1

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