The Very True Origins of Harry Potter
This is a message by the originator of the Harry Potter character
3-3-10   To everyone. Please consider this as true, very true;  To Harry Potter fans and other muggles. Having had to listen, view and read many claims as to who is or is not the author of Harry Potter, I invite you all to read and learn some truth about the original author of the Harry Potter titles.

I have heard enough lies and innuendoes on how the characters, creatures and storylines had evolved in a period of four hours on a delayed train. This must be seen by the public as ludicrous, and it is. I took many years designing, drawing characters, scenes with trains and swords and spiders (that live in my bathroom windows) and I am just wanting the true author to have his say, because all of the waffle that is being posted isn’t getting to the truth as to who the real author of origin is. The answer to that is; I am he!

As another claim of plagiarism is being claimed against the publishers of the Harry Potter wizard story I believe it best to let the people know that I designed the Harry Potter story themes, the titles names published and much of the storyline and scene elements, particularly in the first several titles made into movie film!   It might surprize the reader to learn that I also designed a book of short stories I code-named “Tales of Beedale (Beedle) the Bard”!  I never saw my draft design of the book or cover design after Alan Page asked me about the book cover, complete with the coded image of a tree stump that was very much like the book cover on the published book by the same name.  My coded title word stands for ‘Tales of (The end of) Bloody  Alan, the Bastard… He’s asking me about my designs again”!   I will keep the design codes undisclosed until I can examine the book.   I also designed a book with a coded skull design on the cover that, I mentioned to Alan Page, was not to be published!

This is not the site to delve too far into my story and the related design theft but I will let you know a little of the untold facts so that you can begin to know the truth as to the origins of Harry Potter, really. You ain’t heard nothing yet, I  kid you not!

Re; Willy the Wizard

There has been  a lawsuit filed against the Harry Potter publisher by the estate of the deceased English children’s author, Adrian Jacobs, as has been filed in a London court.   Up to this time I have not seen any proof of a book named ‘Willy the Wizzard’ that is claimed to have been written by a deceased author of a character named Willy.  I note that the said book is of 28 pages and not of a large print number.  I believe I had mentioned the title name ‘Willy the Wizzard’ to Alan Page when he asked me what  a title was to some design drawings that were not formed into any set story and I said the name only in jest, as I believed his questioning me, about my story materials, was rude and intrusive and I said something that would not raise much interest from the title.  I believe I had said the name as I had designed a penis warmer I named ‘The Willy Warmer’!  I believe I gave a silly answer to Alan in answer to what I thought was a silly question.  I don’t make any claim of the book mentioned but My coded information I set in my storyboards of  Harry Potter titles and other story titles, of which some code elements have been included in movie films, indicates that my story of a wizard is the one that has been published, regardless of any claims the  estate of Adrian Jacobs may produce.

I say this unequivocally; “I am the true author of origin of the character named Harry Potter”!  The name is a real persons name of who I sold my Hammond Phoenix organ to in 1982.  I drew my physiognomy reflected from my granddad’s shaving mirror so as to design a playmate for a girl wizard I had first drawn.  So as to begin to be able to ask serious questions as to who is a plagiarist or not and who has the rights to a story, that was designed in a storyboard format with numerous drawings of scenes and featured creatures and scene elements and written notes, I tell you some things you havent been told;

My story of the named wizard was described in my storyboards (pages of drawings with notes) as has subsequently been presented in a motion picture form and displayed in the Philosophers Stone and subsequent titles. My writer’s name is JK Rawling. For many years a man named Alan Page had been asking me questions about my stories, in the storyboards and designed invention artwork. Alan Page asked me about my storyboard designs of my series of titles about the wizard named Harry Potter. As I had been led to believe he was a friend I answered his numerous questions about my drawings. When he asked me to tell him my writer’s name I mentioned to Alan Page my writer’s name was JK Raw-owling! JK Rowling he said. I said yes, JK Rowling, with a bit of a raw in it! I am a Leo and I took years to form my writer’s name and I had tried to modify the sound as I told Alan Page after he had asked me what my writer’s name was for the Harry Potter story. To make the name sound different, from Rawling to Rowling, hurt my jaw in doing this but it worked. He asked me if I would present my story and I mentioned I might get someone to represent me. He asked how I would do this and I mentioned there are many names in the phone book, There must be someone in it by the name JK Rowling! Everyone who has read about the known author knows her name is made up with the added letter ‘K’ that has been taken from an aunt Kathleen! I have a middle name and that is my father’s name. If you want to know what that name is then you must earn this information. My first title was written as “Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone” and the other titles, as have been made into films, were written beneath that. I have not seen all titles but the first three were of my original storyboards.

My life’s work of designing many inventions and art drawings have been stolen and they have been making their way onto the market for some years and I have had to sit and bear it as I could not provide proof without first seeing the movies. Now that the titles have been published I can say that I have seen enough of my inclusions I designed in my artwork of several movies that will show I am the author I claim to be. I did not publish my stories or inventions as the lot was stolen.

What I tell you now is true; The word ‘Muggles’ is a coded word I formed spontaneously as Alan Page  asked me question about my storyboards & the  storyline of my Harry Potter storyboard designs.  The  word ‘Muggles’ was derived from; ‘Mug’, as in “a stupid person” – was asking about ‘My-Designs’, my drawings. This was, at the time, before the theft and publications of my Harry Potter story titles! +”?” (Where “?” = the initial letter of my ‘first name’), + ‘Al’, (Where ‘Al’ is a reference to the name Alan), + ‘?’ (Where ‘?’ = the initial letter of my surname). Put these together and you have ‘MugGAlS’…  spelt as Muggles. This is a code method I used to name things in my storyboard designs when Alan Page asked me about my designs components that had no visible name or that I code-named at the time of being questioned about my drawings.

Most often my art had inclusions in a code form. An example is in the title name of “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkabar”! You picked up the name change code, I bet!  That was my title but when Alan Page asked me to read the title name mentioned I altered it to read Azkaban!! (I made the letter ‘r’ into letter ‘n’!) Why did I do this? The reason was because the name was designed from a list of things and I had to change the name code so that it didn’t read true as I had designed it. The three letters that form the word ‘Bar’ stood for prison bars. The remainder of the coded title will be kept secret for now. I have given you enough information here.

If you want to be wise then believe what I have told you. I am the author of the titles and characters and creatures as used in some of the Harry Potter movies. The first title was almost completed when the lot of my artwork was stolen from my home. My life’s artwork of inventions and product designs, my storyboards of many stories, animations and movies have been stolen and many have been made into an un-known number of movies and animations. Much of my home contents was altered or damaged and so I took several years to document my lost property but I was unaware of my storyboard material and invention designs were missing. The story of my coming to realize the theft of my story material is too long to go into but I found myself in tears after realizing my families of children’s characters and theme and storyboard designs were missing.

After several years I began to notice programs I designed appear on television. After analyzing many programs on current TV I began looking into movies made years earlier, such as Heart Beat and I realized my storyboard designs had been going missing over a far longer period and in the times when I couldn’t find a design I simply thought it was in another file. As I had so many designs I didn’t look for my art and so I never knew it was missing.  I believe I had been drugged so as to cause my memory to be affected. When I began to notice the storyline of movies, such as Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone I was then aware there was a problem with what I had designed. I have had to study movies and seek out coded information in movies my mind nagged me to look closely at. I have analyzed and decoded many movie titles as of being formed from my original material or storyboards, including the one named and the Harry Potter story titles include stories & titles I had designed.

I am Australian. Much of my storyboards of movies provided education as well as entertainment, so, if you want to know my name you must work out my initials first. I have included codes in my artwork and some codes have appeared in the Harry Potter movies. Under the name of author ‘Mylord’ search for “The True Origins of Harry Potter, really”. Read the 7 page article about the origins of Harry Potter at; http://mylord.amplify.com/author/mylord    Note: Mylord is a pseudo name for web publishings by author “JK Rawling”. gomouse is a trademark.

Learn about the origins of the Ford Anglia, model 105E, and how it got to be a flying Angel car!  I drew the car like my grandmother had owned. Learn of some other titles I had designed. The character’s name “Dobby” is explained. Wow! Amplify comments you have. There is a puzzle for you to solve. It is easy to solve.  Have fun, tell your friends and believe what you read. It is true. You now know my writer’s name and The Very True Origins of Harry Potter! This has been a message on http://www.wordpress.com for J K Rawling, the original creator of Harry Potter stories concepts, main characters, creatures, features and all title names to the series of published novels. Joanne Rowling is a plagiarist to the max.

Author, Greg Simcock


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Sorli Says:

    Good God. I’ve only heard about people like you in my psychology courses but to read the ravings of somebody like you… Wow. Is your condition for real or is this just some sort of experiment/school project/attention grab?

    • jkrawling Says:

      What I have said is true. If you read in between the lines what Jo Rowling has claimed was the origin of Harry Potter then consider that she has said she didn’t write for children; didn’t think to write for children; and was wary of the story being published, then you have the answer on your mind, to the question: Did Jo Rowling really get the story from a ride on a overloaded domestic train after a day out house hunting. Of course she didn’t. She got my story of Harry Potter and other stories by accepting information and then writing the stories into novels. Then she was “Wary”, and afraid of being found out that she did not create the Harry Potter stories. Take a look at the animation named Bananas in Pyjamas. The two characters, B 1 and B 2, enter the set by coming down a set of stairs like the staircase Harry Potter was said to have slept under. I designed the concept artwork for the program Bananas in Pyjamas. It got stolen with the rest of my inventions artwork. If you are a psychologist then you will do better to learn the truth before you make unwise and untrue suggestions about the inventor of such a popular story that was designed to be produced. Regardless of how Jo Rowling got hold of the material of my stories about a wizard boy (You are a psych – figure out why she wrote about a boy wizard and not a girl witch?) about my own interests in science and the wonders of the world and how children would enjoy learning from my knowledge I parted with in my artwork that I created for children’s enjoyment with adult appeal – because I was a projectionist at that time and I wanted my story liked by the projectionist who had to screen my stories. That person was at first thought – me!

      You talk about my condition. What condition do you mean. Do mean my stressed mind from all of the hart ache, pain of my loss of my families of children whom were my desire to bring into the selfish society’s world, my loves, my lively-hood into my future with the children and adults benefiting from my yarns, my humor, my knowledge, and sentiments.
      I created about 1000 inventions. About 30 years of design and effort on paper in various forms and several neat drawings got stolen and all you can say is…”Wow. Is your condition for real or is that just some sort of experiment/school project/attention grab?” Shit stinks and that is in your head and it is oozing out of your mouth. Your brains are fried from all of the devil food you have eaten, unaware that the provider was wary of having the story of Harry Potter produced. Jo Rowling is a plagiarist. Jo Rowling is a cockroach I drew and had designed a story-board to be made to promote my website promoting my stories and my pseudonym, which is J. K. Rawling. J. K. stands for Joe King. J. K. R. stands for my mother’s name of Joy, my father’s name of Ron, and K was the last letter of my surname. I created the story of The Lion King and Finding NEMO, as well as many other stories, and I had to find a name for myself as a lion cub and a writers name because I was hurrying the artwork of my stories along so as to get them finished to be able to get them sold in order that I could get a return on my years of investment in creating those stories and drawing the artwork for them. I formed the name Simba as the lion cub in my story about a mischievous lion cub who disobeyed his father and went away from home and got hurt. My father was dying at the time when I was nearing the end of my story about the Leo in me and so I created the touching scene where Simba is at the water hole and his deceased father, the former King of the proud lands he once ruled, spoke to his son and encouraged him to look into the water whenever he wanted to speak to his father. For years after that film had been produced I wondered what it was about because I had created the same titled story. When I got to see a VHS tape of that story I cried but more so when that scene at the water hole was seen. The reason must be obvious to a clever person who calls oneself a psychologist. You would be better ditching your analysis book and get in the real world. Find out how people feel about being made a fool of for years as my story of Harry Potter was written-up and passed around as the creation of a woman who was supposed to be depressed, suicidal, and unemployed. Read what I have said on my website at http://jkrawling.tumblr.com. Look up my you-tube name “earnamint” and read my 1500 articles. Jo Rowling is simply a plagiarist who got my story and published my work in what she wrote-up of it as a series of novels. She used every title name I had created for my stories of the boy wizard. How much does a person have to use of an authors work to get the right to be called a plagiarist? Apart from the seven main titles and the alternate first title of The Sorcerer’s Stone there are all of the main characters, creatures, features, including Hogwarts. You think you are fast at analyzing a person. I know you mean well but you have not the knowledge I have. I don’t judge anyone or thing unless I have the facts and I go looking for them if I need facts. You haven’t done that. You simply prejudged me and the state of my mind. I know I am not as well minded now after about 20 years of stress from the effects upon my mind of the theft of my art and artistry. How do you think it feels to not be credited for 1000 inventions? How about 350 or more stories? The Simpsons is a program I created the concept of. I designed the Sim-card, the SD card, Memory-Stick. That card was modeled on the stick gum once sold in Australia. Does that sound too funny for words? How about Mr. Bean. Are you aware I created that character too? I did, and some stories to go to production for the program and I specified Rowan Atkinson to be the leading character in my program. He was also out of work at that time, like me after I had left the Army after nine years as a cinema projectionist. Does it help you to determine my sanity if you know I am supported by a TPI pension? There’s not a lot I can do with a lower-back injury, a knee condition, and tinnitus but I manage my own affairs. I have a low concentration span now. Perhaps that’s because of the stress I have endured for the years past 2001. Knowing productions are of my original stories, products are of my inventions and that some people have died by suspicious circumstances upsets me but nobody else because they are fooled into thinking how clever the author or producers of them are but little did people realize the creator lives in Australia unaware his works were being made into products. I designed the Kensington Lock that I created artwork for so as to be able to lock-up my work on my computer but it got stolen and made into the product. What you know is bugger-all about the true origins of the Harry Potter stories. You only know what the plagiarist and her accomplices wanted you to know. If you must know why I made a pseudonym of J. K. Rawling it was so I didn’t have to use my real surname.
      I have released a short video to You-Tube that shows me freely speaking while having a shower and shave, here: https://www.facebook.com/gregsimcock1
      another video can be found here; GS Author intro to Harry Potter Stories Video0002

      Happy days,

      Greg Simcock
      Creator of the Harry Potter stories concepts and designs and all title names of the series! http://jkrawling.tumblr.com

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