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Facts About The Creator Of Harry Potter

June 6, 2014

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The real creator of Harry Potter is a man. That’s really true but you were not told that by the conspirators who have conspired with each other to prevent the actual creator of the Harry Potter stories from being credited with his masterpiece which he built from its initial concept that was begun in 1978 and continued to be developed until the main work on the seven stories was bound in a binder file that contained the artwork of the main characters, creatures, features and names of the stories almost seventeen years later. To his friends the author is known as Greg Simcock but his author name, J. K. Rawling (Joe King Rawling) hasn’t generated him anything but heartache since the well-known plagiarist presented the creators stories about his wizard orphan boy as being by a woman who has pomoted herself as Joanne K. Rowling since publishing the creators story of The Philosopher’s Stone as a novel. She has let nothing stop the lies she has told of the stories origin from being discovered for what they are. The lies began to be told from the first word she wrote of the story she knew was the creation of the man who created the Harry Potter stories drafts and artwork that visually displayed them in the form of story-boards. Once the transcript of the first story-boarded story was written-up she presented it to a publisher. The story was well received by the publisher. As it was a stolen story the novel gained a dubious history of being the work of an English woman who oddly was unemployed with an ill mother.  After the mother died the plagiarist soon found work as a foreign teacher. After getting married she gave birth to a baby girl and so she became a mother. She soon divorced her husband then returned to England where the miracle story has been said happened when she was on a delayed train to Manchester and followed-on to the release as a novel. Would you believe she claims if you knew one of them was that the Harry Potter story fell into her head “fully formed”? Rowling claimed she knew the story had seven sagas! That is probably because the original creator had written seven titles to his stories in his work file. In fact, all of the title names were written out clearly on the creators draft of the stories. The stories were formed as picture-books. What Rowling is believed to have done was to write them up into novels. The first story was well set out in the picture-book form with detailed information presented textually with the artwork… so writing a novel about the story was a doddle for anyone who could read and write and who had the artwork of the stories, especially for a teacher.  The joke played on the public was that Rowling claimed she didn’t think the story would make any money! he story actually began with it intended to be made into the best children’s story for film production! As book sales soared high enough to break historical sales records Rowling’s face took on a worried look but the cameras that photographed her haven’t lied in front of the lying plagiarist! Rowling claims she did not write for children. She has said to a talk show host she did not think to write for children.  After a production company offered to produce the story Rowling claimed she was worried! Anyone who had a hot potato in their hand would most-likely drop it but not Jo Rowling. She just worried about being found out and so wrinkles appeared on her physiognomy as she frowned at the thought of being found out. I say: Once a plagiarist always a plagiarist! Her lies have not always been obvious though. For example; Rowling claims she didn’t create the concept design of the castle named Hogwarts. In addition to that, she never described Hogwarts castle in the novel but of the drawing of a castle she was shown by the producer she claimed it was as she had imagined it to be. Since her first appearance in the public domain lies were told one-by-one. They were set in pictures and digital recordings during media interviews and they continued to be told in newscasts that filled television screens and newspapers around the world in many languages but following the baffling tale of the stories beginning as being based partly on her selfish upbringing, with sympathy-seeking claims including her dying mother who passed away without ever knowing of the wonderful story her depressed and suicidal daughter had plagiarized, she managed to fool the readers and followers of the stories she told were true. What is written here is true but the reader will probably choose to disbelieve the facts. The response to the creators efforts in seeking help to present his claim for rights to the stories Jo Rowling has written-up, of the genuine creators work, has not ever been given any attention. It has meant that the actual creator of the original drafts of the stories of Harry potter has had to keep quiet about his loss of authorship. If there is anyone interested in knowing the facts about the Harry Potter stories real origin and many other stories then be aware Greg Simcock only reveals facts about things he originally created. However, his artwork of several thousand drawings that presented his inventions and stories got stolen from his Australian home before they began to appear on the market as products. To help the real creator get some recognition for his inventions the promoters of Greg Simcock’s inventions and stories can write to the creator with information as to how they got hold of the creators design or designs of something not of their origin. The creator of Harry Potter has posted several poems he wrote while he endured pain and anguish as Jo Rowling promoted his stories as novels and films. One is “The Liar Bird”. Another is “The Singing Cockroach”. The reader may read them, on:

The author of the Harry Potter stories is an unknown inventor who created about a thousand inventions of many kinds. Things he designed were drawn in their perspective views and written about in enough detail so any reader would be able to continue their development towards production. Having a technical mind he created the artwork for many new inventions or improvements of inventions. Stories were often created out of the authors artwork from his inventions. Hundreds of his stories were therefore set out as sets of story-boards and many of those stories have been made into productions as they were intended to be made but the creator has never been credited or mentioned in the productions of his stories. The Harry Potter stories are among the inventors works of his genius, not of Jo Rowling the plagiarist! Because of the inventors fear for his life if he makes known some of his technical designs that have made their way onto the market and around the world he has not revealed a lot of things among his numerous claims to things mentioned in his posts. The following information includes some of the things the unknown inventor created the design-concepts of but is he is not known for them: The i-Phone, i-Pad, i-Bot, i-Book and i-River. Steve Jobs (deceased) gained the credit for those things that were released by the Apple company he founded but Greg Simcock is their original creator in design-concept. With the release of the mp3 player the Apple computer company climbed out of its financial debt as slumbering computer sales failed to capture the computer users eyes when Microsoft marketed a cheaper alternative. Microsoft released Windows ME which Greg Simcock had named one of his concept operating system designs. Greg Simcock created the design-concept artwork for several operating systems. Windows XP/XP-Pro was designed in concept by the unknown creator. The image named BLISS was one of Greg Simcock’s digital paintings he especially created to be the default desktop image for the mentioned operating system. It has another image of a similar form but appearing as a vineyard in autumn. Those images have been credited to a photographer but they are not photographs as claimed by the person claiming that lie! Microsoft released a game console named The X-Box. It was a big seller around the world but the creator of its concept was not credited for his design concept. Some stories as productions by the unknown creator of their story-boards include; A Fish Called Wanda, Mr. Bean, Fifty First Dates,  Meet The Fockers, Dennis The Menace, Finding NEMO, The Lion King, AVATAR, TITANIC… and hundreds more stories and inventions. The creator wants Jo Rowling to bring into the open the truth to how she gained the work on the Harry Potter stories she has written-up and published as her own.  I have lost my stories and inventions because of theft and plagiarism, so now I promote the occasional income earning software such as Market Samurai using tools I have found most useful, such as this must-have Auto Re-blogger program, to which I am an affiliate agent.

Greg Simcock




Harry Potter – The Stolen Stories

October 26, 2011

Let the truth be known, that the Harry Potter stories are of the original concepts and designs by an Australian Creator, named; “Gregory Ronald Simcock”, as Author J.K. Rawling. Because of the theft of my work I now promote Internet Marketing Software which may earn me an income.

Read what prevented me from being able to publish my stories and inventions and why I haven’t presented my claims in court.  Here is my answer;
I am Greg Simcock, as author; J.K. Rawling.
You may wonder why I never presented myself to the media while the productions were still being made. I can understand if that is a question now on your mind. There are several reasons why you were not told this before. I have written about this and posted information in more detail to, but here my message is brief.

I was not aware of the theft of my stories artwork for some years after the theft, even though some strange things were noticed occurring about my home. They include; Theft, damage to and substitution of property in and at my home.

I have been an avid inventor most of my child and adult life and drew thousands of drawings of things I conceived. I lost a great amount of design art to theft. That’s the simple answer!

A friendly visitor, over the years from the early 1990’s through to the early 2000’s had been asking many technical and intrusive questions about designs and drawings of my inventions and stories, including the artwork and story-lines of the Harry Potter series that formed story-boards for the stories productions.

When I noticed design art was missing and property damage occurring over a relatively long period I became curious but I had no proof to what was stolen. Any claim is without visual photographic evidence is called “Hear-say” and without witnesses any claim is not withstanding in the legal fraternity.

When I became aware that the Harry Potter film of “The Philosopher’s Stone” was as my original story of the same name and character had shown in my story’s work prior to its theft I informed the police but the lack of police taking action on my claims of the theft of my designs and stories was very annoying. In fact, I was told I didn’t write the Harry Potter stories… Jo Rowling did! I was then told I could write about the matter. I researched for information of my stolen designs over a period of almost six years and passed to the police information on 6 CD’s and some written reports. It was not officially recorded by the police.

Not having any consideration, given by police, to what I had lost, I was under an enormous emotional strain.

I contacted Channel Nine and Channel Seven, but those News media stations did not want to know of thefts of my property or work either, so I was left without recourse, other than doing my own research and trying to document the stolen designs, their products and productions which I noticed appear on the television, in cinemas, and the consumer market.

The Harry Potter stories I had formed with a fair amount of artwork and written notes that presented graphically the majority of the main stories body and elements that included the story-lines of the stories had taken from 1978 until the theft of my stories artwork and notes in the 1990’s. In 1992 I had drawn a Ford Anglia car when I saw a news article of a fire in the Windsor Palace, England, and so I then drew a castle above the Anglia on my drawing page. That created the scene of the flying car approaching Hogwarts. The least development time I can verify is 14 years but I estimate it took seventeen years before I noticed any art theft.

The initial stories were more advanced than the other stories in the Harry Potter series but they were all named as the books and productions have been named. In other words: “All” title names of the stories in the Harry Potter series were designed and written by me, as Author; J.K. Rawling!

The theft includes story-boards for other publications Jo Rowling has written-up and published, such as the various versions of the book; “The Tales Of Beedle The Bard”!

My work that got stolen is far greater than the artwork and literature that formed the Harry Potter stories. Because of the extent of my design loss I will not be able to cover all of my loss to the many inventions I designed or the stories I created and set into story-boards.

I have not the ability or time required to deal with the theft of work that formed what was my artistry. Therefore appreciate what I can manage to publish of what were my creations that were to show the inventor and artist what I am. I am the genius Joanne Rowling and others have been credited for. Now a word from my Internet Marketing Software vendor, to which I am affiliated, to say about his offer.

If you want to know more about the true origins of the Harry Potter stories then there is plenty to read on these websites:

The Liar Bird;

I am earnamint on You-Tube. My channel name is:

The Avenge Bulletin, at;

The information provided in the above article is true.
I am Gregory Ronald Simcock,
Author J.K. Rawling
Joe King Rawling

Plagiarism is a serious crime against the author or artist and must not be allowed to remain unabated. Only a small amount of detail has been revealed in this message.

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September 3, 2011

My inventions are many and they have largely been made into products. My work notes and design drawings got stolen and the inventions appeared on sale to the public in one or more forms. The products are derivatives of things I designed and as such I make known to the public what I recognise are believed to be derivatives of my created inventions work.
Any copying of parts or segments of an authors design concepts, by another artist or author, leads to the destruction of the creators credibility. Words were invented to allow people to communicate their thoughts to other people. An inventor is no lesser able to communicate with words but one’s creations may be in many forms in the field of Art that may be displayed at the inventors will. My copyrights have been infringed upon by the act of plagiarism by other authors. Some of my inventions and stories are made known in the following website:

The Adventures Of Willy The Wizard

September 1, 2011

I have not revealed this information before, as stress was too great and I lived a hellish life while my stories of Harry Potter were marketed as books and films. The story named; “The Adventures of Willy The Wizard – No.1 Livid Land” appeared in the market and soon there was a claim of plagiarism against Jo Rowling for what was inferred to be for concepts said to be taken from the story by a deceased author named Adrian Jacobs. The Estate of the deceased said author failed to provide payment of a court order to pay part of the court fees by a set date and so the claim was disallowed. I will now reveal some facts not previously made known by the agent for the estate. The information is true as it is amusing.

‘Twas on a hot day in my home I sat naked in my lounge chair, with nothing on but my spectacles and a note-pad with some sheets of A4 plain copy paper over my lap. I pondered as to what I would draw that was needed for my Harry Potter story but I had mostly finished the main stories story-boards so I sat with my legs crossed as I sat in an old, white, bat-winged lounge chair I had bought at a local auction for $5.00, while using my notepad as a fan, as it was a rather hot West- Australian summers day. I noticed my penis move as my scrotum adjusted its position, possibly because of the heat it was feeling on that day, and as I had no need to create another drawing for use in my Harry Potter story at that time I decided to draw my penis to keep me busy and my mind occupied with work and not play. It was well drawn, my penis, but as building stories for children didn’t warrant a drawing of my cock among my selection of girls and boys that I had drawn as characters in my main story of a wizard boy, that were all stored in my design file, I drew windows on the shaft of the drawing of my penis and added some silly looking characters appearing in the windows along its length. I realized I had an even bigger problem then, than the theft of my art and plagiarism, on my mind at that time. The head of the drawing of my tool was fully abloom by then and so I had to modify its appearance to enable it to get past the ratings board so it would become more suitable for general exhibition, after all it was a piece of my well-formed art, so I drew a driver appearing up the front to the right, however, the driver of a train usually sits on the left side in the drivers compartment and as I had no character in the left side, up the front end, I drew a second character to appear where the driver of a train would normally sit.  I sat back and looked at it with a curious eye and realized that it had no wheels, so, to keep its shaft-like appearance, I decided to not draw wheels along its body but instead I drew another character above the rear of the shaft while I thought about the point to which it was heading. To finish the drawing of my male member I drew caps on the engineers but the pens ink ran and so I had to redraw the caps a little higher to save the drawing. When I sat back and looked it all over I realized I had drawn what appeared to be an aircraft without wings or a tail but it appeared to be flying, as did the Ford Anglia 105-E car in the Harry Potter story that I drew, and the character high up at the rear of the trains body appeared as a wizard flying along with the train out in front. The wizard was actually drawn on my stylized initials as identifying marks but also that the drawing would be remembered to have been begun with a drawing of my penis and so I called the drawing of my willy train The Adventures Of Willy The Wizard. At some time later a friend named Alan Page arrived and entered my home. I was repairing my computer in the dining room then and while my fingers were among the wires inside my computer Alan Page went into my lounge room and brought back with him to the dining room a file of loose drawings. He opened the file and began asking me questions about the drawings in it. Those drawings were the ones I had left over after building my Harry Potter stories into story-board sets for the stories of Harry Potter. I had drawn the title name in my own font style but as my friend was very interested in my story I made of those left-over drawings I extended its title by adding the encoded words No 1 Livid Land. By rotating the numeral 1 and the letter L of Livid, when side by side, you get the appearance of No. 71 ‘1L’ which is my home number. The word ‘Land’ was added to finish the title in the mind of Alan Page but it was really to help me remember that Alan Page had been asking me about my story if ever the need arrises after him being curious about the details of that silly story about my penis train. That is how it came to be called “The Adventures Of Willy The Wizard – No. 1 Livid Land”, with me being the wizard riding a witches broom above the rear of my flying train which I had formed with left-over artwork after using what I needed out of my art file to build the story-boards for my Harry Potter stories and hundreds of other stories. After the main Harry Potter story had been produced I became more alert as to what Joanne Rowling was claiming of my story and when I heard her claim Hermione Granger was modeled on her meagre childhood I was very upset because Hermione Granger was created by me sketching a girl in a picture of a nine year old girl who appeared to look like a girl I vaguely remembered at the time I drew her as a main character who was to be my friend in the story I created. I was so upset that a poem began to spill from my mouth and so I wrote it down.   I named my poem THE LIAR BIRD, You can read it, here:

August 31, 2011

The Harry Potter stories concepts were not designed by Joanne Rowling, they were created by me, Gregory Ronald Simcock. Some URL’s to information about the stories development are as follows;
earnamint’s channel, on youtube – The Avenge Bulletin

Plagiarism is far more serious than the act of stealing. The effect of plagiarism perpetuates as each person who reads plagiarized work potentially has the ability to pass on misinformation. I served nine years in the Army as a cinema projectionist. I screened many films and using my drawings I built hundreds of stories in the form of story-boards. I titled my stories, named the main characters, and composed the theme song of many stories. The main chorus in the Harry Potter films is of my origin. I did not create the whole film score.

August 31, 2011

On is information on the true origins of Harry Potter. The creators stories, designs, and written material that presented the creators inventions, as; stories, programs, machines, got stolen from the creators Australian home and began appearing as products as the creator had designed them, but I am not known for my creations. Other people, such as Jo Rowling, have gained the credit and fame for my authored stories and inventions. The Harry Potter concept and most of its stories, constructions and character set are not of her own creation. Her input into the further development of the stories, after the theft of the original story-boards that I, Greg Simcock, had formed over ~17 years, may only be considered as supplementary work. I am Greg Simcock, the creator of the main characters, creatures, features and school concept. From what I have seen and recognized I believe the Harry Potter productions to have been produced of my original designs of Hogwarts.

August 30, 2011


December 26, 2010

The Author of Harry Potter Extra 26-12-10

This article will reveal to the reader the true origins of the Harry Potter story and the original author. The content is all true. What the reader believes is up to the readers own discretion. learn about the Harry Potter story and its origin that has not been published by the known author. The information here is by the unknown author who actually originally created the Harry Potter story in the first place, but could not publish the story from lack of the authors story material and designs! By reading the article the reader will gain an understanding as to why the claims made of the origins of the Harry Potter story, as told by Joanne K Rowling, have been unbelievable. Consider the following things that J K Rowling has told the media; She didn’t write to any age group. She wrote to please herself… Amazingly, both children and adults love the stories of Harry Potter! J K Rowling didn’t expect the story would make any large amounts of money… so the story made a fortune and exceeded all other sales of books and film earnings! JK Rowling was a depressed, lonely and insecure woman, but despite her predicament she somehow wrote a wizard story that sold by millions, made her wealthy, brought her fame, respect, and she has been hailed as a genius! Now it is the real authors turn to have his say. Amazing as the story of origin of Harry Potter is, it’s time you learnt the truth. This article is written by the original creator of the Harry Potter story.

The Author

The Harry Potter story is the creation of an Australian man. The story began its origin in 1978. The author was beginning a nine year stint in the Army as a cinema projectionist. During the course of the authors service time many story concepts were constructed with an objective to being entertaining, inspirational, and/or educational. The author decidedly designed stories in the form of story-boards with pages of written notes and most often were designed with children and adults in mind from the beginning. The author was a soldier first and screened many films during the service period, with audiences from preschoolers to adults. After receiving a back injury the author found his working environment hindered his health. The service period ended when the author was prohibited from signing on for further service. Greg left the Army in Feb. 1987. It was at this time that the author, an avid inventor, began filling his stories main body’s with scene designs and written notes on the story-lines of the stories. The designs were set in the form of story-boards for the potential production of films or publications as picture books. To look through the drawings in binder-ring files was a delightful experience for the author and he knew the productions would be well received by the public. He was a very well trained and educated person who had many interests in the sciences and workings of things that most people take for granted. With an interest in education and entertainment, many sciences, and motion picture production, the author was well positioned in his field of employment to design stories that would educate as well as be entertaining. One of his lessons he taught to a class of soldiers was titled; “How to Cook the Perfect Hard-Boiled Egg”! The lesson took under 37 minutes. Another story the author conceived and filmed, with co-producers, using a SONY U-Matic G studio camera/recorder, was titled; ‘Smoking and You’ . Rather than juggling pots and eggs in a classroom, the author had a devil and an angel coaching a person who contemplated having a cigarette. This used voice-overs, while the camera focussed on a live subjects face.

Many inventions, the author designed, provided the drawings that were the basis for the creation of an enormous amount of story-board designs that were used to progressively build the authors many stories. The author drew often. His many drawings were formed to set the vast range of things that created, in the mind of the viewer, the imagery which developed the aesthetic appeal of the stories that were under the original creators control and development until the theft of his several thousand drawings which were setting out several hundred stories in story-board sets. The exact number of stories the author had under construction is not known but include; The Lion King, Finding NEMO, but more to the point, there was a set of seven titles about a boy wizard who attends a wizard school named HOGWARTS. The author has mentioned several projects that involved an educational theme element, and so it is reasonable to expect his other stories would involve an environment based on education. The wizard schools name is well known as the school for wizards and witches in the Harry Potter series but you have not been told how the schools name was actually formed, so it is mentioned now.


H is the initial letter for the name; ‘HARRISON’, which is a street name the author has driven on many times. The name ‘Harry was also chosen for the main characters first-name, partly from this street name. Letter G is the authors first initial. letter O was from the word ‘Gregory’. letters and numbers of the authors name and address were strung in various sets and orders but the author could not decide on using either name; ‘Harry’ or ‘Greg’. Eventually, they were written as; ‘HOG’. The story was being developed to be educational for children, as well as dumb adults, and this is reflected by the school being in the story. The Army and cinema environment in which the author (Gregory Ronald Simcock) was in was very educational for him. In the nine years the author was in the Army he was never posted to his home state of; ‘Western Australia’, and that is where the letters ‘WA’ were derived from. They stood to indicate the authors home state in Australia. With the authors middle initial letter ‘R’ the word ‘WAR’ was formed. The author liked this because, to Greg, it connected the story with his military service life. Being a technically minded person, the author included letter T and added his surname initial letter S. Together, the letters formed the name; ‘HOGWARTS’!

A great deal of thought and design effort went into the development of all aspects that formed the Harry Potter stories that were set in the form of story-boards, and this included the title names of the stories. There were seven titles the author designed for his series of seven stories about a boy wizard and the same seven titles have been heading the Harry Potter films that have been produced by the film companies that have backed JK Rowling and her publications in the series of stories about a boy wizard, which the unknown author, Gregory Ronald Simcock as JK Rawling, first created! Several thousand drawing and notes pages, which were the compilation of years of creative effort, were stolen from the authors home in the 1990’s and many products the author had designed have subsequently appeared on the market. They have come from places all over the world. Some of the products and their maker are mentioned here.

Microsoft has produced the operating systems; Me, NT4, XP, XP-Pro and game consoles; X-Box and X-Box 360. There is a game console on the market called Wii. Apple have produced products that start with ‘I’, as in iPod, iPhone, and make a thin laptop named Apple-Air. IBM created the ThinkPad with a cursor control pad in the area joining corners of button keys; G,H,B. It was designed to make fast cursor positioning on the laptop monitor screen without the use of a PC mouse, while Fujitsu made the LifeBook tablet PC. Let one not forget the Intel company made the Pentium 4 cpu and the socket 775 mounting system and also branded computer cases with the motif; ‘Intel Inside’, while a new company made the Sandisk ‘SD’ card. Then there is Kensington with the laptop lock for safely tethering peoples laptop computers to a table. The list of the unknown authors inventions is extensive and not one company has offered the author credit for one’s creations. The things mentioned are of the original designs of Gregory Ronald Simcock, the first inventor and creator, and so is much of the Harry Potter stories concept theme, character, and creature, designs and story-lines the same authors creation.

What’s in a Name?

If the claims are overwhelming then the reader may justifiably be so overwhelmed, as the claims seem outlandish to say the least, but they are true claims and there is much more than meets the eyes of the reader to see. If the reader has access to one of the title covers of the Harry Potter series of film DVDs then a look at the title text graphic of the boys name; Harry Potter. The reader may find the original authors initial letters in the boy wizards title graphic name. Between letters Ha is letter G linking the two, and linking letters Po can be found letter S. The reason the authors initial letters are known to be found in the title graphic of the boy wizards name is because the unknown author deliberately designed the font and title name of his wizard stories to include his first and last initial letters; ‘GS’. At least one of the titles include the authors home number ’71’ in the leg of letter P of the name Potter. When the letter was being created the author wrote these letters and numbers as the basis of the title graphics and the result was a tapered font of a three sided arrow. This suited the author, as the authors surname ‘Simcock’ means ’Arrow-maker’!

After the author had noticed the likeness of some of his inventions on the market he was not overly concerned, because he had not left his home country or made public his design drawings, and one thought they were safely kept in binder files in his home. However, when the author realised his designs were appearing often in products he remembered designing, and stories he designed were appearing as films he story-boarded, his attention took more than a thought and a glance. It was some time after then that he realised his inventions designs files, and story-boards of hundreds of stories for film and animations, had been stolen. At first the author was numb in thoughts as to what had happened, so several years passed with him being dismayed. The author had no will-power and had no purpose. His memory had somehow waned and he could not recall the hundreds of things he had designed and drawn as products. Many designs were inventions in the electronics and computer industry and included the 3DTV systems as are now in use in LED TV’s, monitors, and camera lens systems. This was not the determined nature of the inventor who was always thinking, designing or writing. The author had planned on releasing his designs to companies or in publications and farming out his stories to producers. There were many toys, tools, machines and vehicles of many kinds that needed licensing out to relevant manufacturing companies but the author somehow lost the lot of his creations.

When the film; ‘Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone’ appeared on the film circuit in Australia, the author of that story was curious of the title and author name but it wasn’t until a man named Alan Page had contacted the author, asking if the author had gone to see the new film about a boy wizard that Greg had noticed but had no intention to see. At least, not in the cinema! The authors name was recognised as being the same as the name as had been told to Alan Page as being the authors name of the Harry Potter story, which this unknown author had nearly completed, and the name of the film was identical to this unknown authors wizard stories first title name. This authors expectations of being known as a great inventor and artist had been destroyed and he fell to pieces, emotionally and physically. Unknown to the reader, the loss is far greater than the loss of some simple artwork or drawings. There is a lot of technical design drawings that have been stolen from the author. The author only designed products and things that he considered were marketable, as he had no income that was work generated. He had high hopes of obtaining a good income from his inventions, but the theft of his artwork and invention designs and stories story-board sets have meant that he still lives on a Veterans TPI pension. Among the stolen designs there were towards 1000 inventions and product designs that were laid out in various views with written details about a products construction and purpose. The products have appeared on television often. In the authors home, many personal items were switched with foreign items and family momentous had been switched with other items of no personal value to the author. The authors bed was substituted with a dingy and worn out bed. To add insult to injury, many home and property items had been damaged. The author had never felt so low in self esteem, in his life, as he felt when he realised the size of his loss.

It was several years after the release of the first Harry Potter film production before the author got to see the film on television. The real creator of the Harry Potter story concept designs, JK Rawling (Not the plagiarist – JK Rowling), then began an enduring task of identifying products he became aware of, that he realised he had designed the same, while his emotions led to many tears from the long periods of loneliness the author has lived through, without his families he created in his designs. The author felt he had virtually been raped and his heart had been torn from his chest. He could not remember the many designs he had drawn in the years of his inventing and this exacerbated his feeling of aloneness. His drawings had shown his artistry and genius and his stories effervescent with his creativity, but nobody wanted to listen to his claims of being the true creator of the many things he reported or spoke about to people. So his many stories and inventions were presented to the unsuspecting people of the world by frauds. (Only one fraud has been mentioned in this article.)

JK Rowling is not the original creator of the Harry Potter story concept, story-lines of five stories viewed to date, title names of seven stories, much of the theme design features, characters and creatures, or of the many main names in the series. For instance; Hermione, Hagrid, Dumbledore, Dobby, Buckbeak, Hogwarts Express, The Dragon Challenge. That last name was an off-shoot from a fishing reel the author designed and called ‘The Dragon Reel’. The Firefox logo includes a dragon in the background because the original Firefox logo includes the outline of a dragon, as well as a mouse in the lower foreground. The logo was one of this unknown authors creations that was designed for use in a web browser this author was building and had working until the theft of the authors property. Alan Page had taken a copy of the Firefox logo and not returned it for some reason not offered. There are many stories and films now made that were first designed as story-boards by this unknown author.

For Kin the Author – JK Rawling

After forming the story-board for the story named; ‘The Lion King’, the writers name of this unknown author was designed, using the letters of his parents and his name initials. The-Lion-King story was a tribute to the authors father, Ronald George Simcock, who died shortly after the story-board set was formed. Alan Page had asked about that stories story-board drawings and the story-lines that were being developed for its film production. The authors mothers name is Patricia Joy, but she prefers to be called Joy. J is a symbol of high quality, so it reflected his thoughts of his mothers love during his up-bringing. The unknown author is a Leo and so the name; ‘J.K Rawling’ was designed to include and reflect these initial letters; J.K.R. The word ‘Raw’ reminds the author of his star sign, Leo, [as in; Leo-the-Lion] and colour red, as is the meat which the lion eats. The colour; ‘red’ is used as a code sign to alert the author to look at a film segment and review it! K was added to reflect the authors star sign as the King-of-beasts, which the lion is known as. It is also the largest letter of the authors surname and it is used as a mark in his story-boards. From these attributes, the creator formed his author name: J.K Rawling! It was to be first used in the publishing of the authors children stories.

Early in the 1990’s the man named Alan Page asked the unknown author about the stories story-boards that have been mentioned, but there was one set of loosely formed drawings and designs with some written material on the story-lines of the story-boards that were individually asked about. After telling him they were a book of short stories, Alan Page, known as a friend of the unknown author, asked what the title of the book of short stories would be. Greg Simcock, the unknown author, was suspicious by this time and so he mumbled; ‘The Tales of Beedle The Bard’! When Alan Page then repeated the title name the author liked the sound of the name and so he wrote it on his design files as the name of the book of short stories, but what had not been said was that the name said included a coded message. The book, title by the same name, was published by Joanne K Rowling in 2008 and it includes the same stories that this unknown author had designed. One of the issues of that book of short stories is a special edition which has much more on the cover than the name of a plagiarist! It is, after all, of the original story-board drawings of this unknown author: Gregory Simcock. This is the reason why his initials and other details are on the cover of the book that is known as the ‘Special’ edition!

What has been written above is true. The real creator of the original Harry Potter story is a philosophical person named: Gregory Ronald Simcock. Oprah Winfrey has been stung by the bug that has bitten many people. In an interview, JK Rowling mentioned, to Oprah Winfrey, she felt she was like a beetle. This claim is one I had told Alan Page the author of my wizard story may say in a marketing segment. The Beetles were a popular music group of the 1960’s that was known as the ‘fab 4’. This unknown author, Greg Simcock, uses number 4 as a code component. It may be found on the end of the left-front-root on the tree stump on the cover of the book, titled; ‘The Tales of Beedle The Bard’, special edition. It is the one with the leafy vine on the cover around a tree stump. To hear the truth about the origins of the Harry Potter story, as has been written in this message, is one thing, but to hear the lies of a plagiarist… and believe her, is foolish! Is the reader a fool? One is if JK Rowling’s claim of the origin of the Harry Potter story is believed! What took the real creator many years to form, and nurture (until the stories materials was stolen), took the plagiarist author only four hours for it to come; ‘fully formed’, when the Harry Potter concept; ‘ fell into the known authors head’, while she was on a ‘Delayed-train’! Reader, it didn’t happen that way. In actual fact; The story-line took years to develop and built upon with drawings created by Greg Simcock, in Australia. Only the author of the original story of Harry Potter would know the details offered in this article. The real name and/or initials of the author of the original concept story-board designs of the Harry Potter stories appear in various locations in publications by JK Rowling and other authors! There is more to the origins of the publications by JK Rowling. The title names of the books; ‘Quidditch Through the Ages’ and; ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ are of this unknown author’s origin, but the books were not written up when Alan Page asked for the names of these books and was told these names.

My stories did not grow wings but they have surely travelled far and wide. This author has not been in the frame of mind to write about the stories as one would have, but the reader has been told some things that have not been told by Joanne K Rowling, or any of her marketing agents, and only the reader can decide whether this unknown author is offering the reader the truth. It is all true that has been said in this message.

Thank you for your interest in this information. For those who need more on the truth to the origins to the Harry Potter story, Go to;

Happy Days,

Gregory Ronald Simcock,

as Author; J. K. Rawling

My Harry Potter Story

July 29, 2010

Hello, I Dobby

04:24 28/07/2010


I am Greg Simcock, as Author J. K. Rawling. Confused? I don’t blame you. My claims here are valid. I am the genuine and original creator of the Harry Potter stories concepts, main characters, title names and themes.
I am the original author, the creator and designer of the Harry Potter themes and titles, including the main characters, their names and main creatures and features that have been subsequently made into books and films after the theft of my entire working life’s portfolio of artwork and written materials. The exact number of pieces of artwork that has been stolen from my home is unknown, but it would be several thousand drawings and notes pages that were invention design drawings, hand drawn pencil art and several hundred sets of story-boards of stories that were being constructed over my lifetime of designing and inventing.

I am the original creator and designer of the characters and creatures, the main character names, themes & written manuscript material on Harry Potter. This claim includes the book and film title names as has been marketed prefixed with the main character name of Harry Potter. It also includes other publications authored by J.K. Rowling, including The Sorcerer’s Stone and The Tales Of Beedle The Bard!

After 10 years of research into the disappearance of character & theme drawings I am amazed at the brazen claims of origin of the Harry Potter character and story-lines by the named author, J.K. Rowling, so I now write about the theft of the original storyboards and story-line material and designs so as to make public uncertainty as to the true origins of the named character once and for all. My storyboards on the boy Wizard included the themes, titles and main characters and story elements as has been seen by me in films on the series. It may seem that I am too long in coming forward with my claim but the extent of theft is so great that I have not been able to gather enough material that will make my claim acceptable without conjecture until recently. I believe I have now enough information to make my claim acceptable to the public to consider my claim to the origins of the character and its story elements is true.

This is to say that the article being read now is written by the original creator of the boy Wizard named Harry Potter. My stories and inventions artwork got thieved and later appeared on sale by other persons claiming authorship rights. Joanne Rowling is a fraud.

I am a man, not a woman… so this is a clue that will alert you to the fact that the story concept of Harry Potter was originally designed by a male author. Indeed, I am the real creator of Harry Potter and the mark on his forehead. I also created; Hermione, Ron, Dumbledore, Hagrid and others, including Dobby. My author name is J.K. Rawling. In 1978, whilst I was in the Australian Army, stationed in Duntroon Military college, Canberra, I screened a movie, titled “The Cow that fell in the river”. As a young boy I had often thought of being a writer. I was so moved from the response I received from the preschool children I decidedly began forming stories and thinking of a suitable writers name that would have more public appeal than Simcock. As I had designed a storyboard for a movie about me as a mischievous lion cub that grows up to be King of the Proud Lands, which he does, after his father’s demise, and as I am a Leo I formed my writers name of J.K. Rawling. The name was designed to author the story I named The Lion King. A visiting friend, named Alan Page, asked me about my storyboard I had designed for the story and it was not long afterwards that a movie by the same title appeared on the cinema circuit. I recall wondering about the movie and its same name as I had designed for my personal story about my family and up-bringing but I never went to the cinema to see the movie so as to stay away from any similar story-line material that might cause a cry of plagiarism. As I drew often and many things I found myself forming hundreds of stories.

With dreams of castles and knights on horseback and maidens in the towers I had been forming story-line themes and characters for many years. I formed the story concept of Harry Potter over the 9 years I spent as a projectionist, mostly in Puckapunyal Army-Camp cinema. I did not form the drawings until the early to mid 1990’s when Alan Page asked about the storyboards of my Wizard story. The Harry Potter story was not created or thought up over three hours on a delayed train, as claimed by Joanne K. Rowling. The claim of it having been thought up in that time is ridiculous. The claim, by the woman being credited for my stories of Harry Potter, the Harry Potter character, story, and concept elements, having been said to have just popped into my head is unbelievable. I tell you, and I believe, her claim is a lie. The stories and concept of the Harry Potter character, as seen in films, is of my original creations that have been stolen and my story elements have been shown in the films about Harry Potter. I kid you not.

Many of my designs I put in the storyboard were from drawings of technical things called loosely inventions I had designed and drawn. The many unneeded line art drawings of a project design were formed into things that often appeared unusual or odd. I drew often and so I formed hundreds of storyboard sets. Having been a projectionist for 9 years I formed stories in the form of storyboards that a director could use to make a movie from the story shown in the drawings of my art. I believe this may be how the Harry Potter movies were so quickly produced after the books were written. Either way I believe the products were made from well drawn storyboards and I believe they were as I had designed them. I have not seen the last two films in the Harry Potter series but the first five titles were of stories as my storyboards would have appeared to an on-looker who chanced to peruse them, regardless of whether he or she was mooting in a cow paddock or on a delayed train.

Since the theft of my life’s produce of artwork and inventions designs (much of which has come onto the market over the last ten years & more) I have cried my heart out as I painstakingly searched video content of film productions that tell my stories I had designed in the form of story-boards. My writers name, J.K. Rawling, was designed just like the titles of my Wizard stories were designed. Only I know the origins of the title names and the character names, as I am the true originator of these. It may be of interest to learn that the titles published are no different to the title names I formed for my use as my story titles! I was aware of the first Harry Potter film title being as I had designed it and the similarity in writers names too caused me to think the occurrence was too coincidental but I had no known cause to be alarmed at that time, other than the fact that Alan Page had telephoned me soon after the film’s release in Australia and he asked me if I had seen the film. This is when I began to realise my designs may have been accessed by someone! They were not seen again by me in paper form. When the film appeared on television I made a point to watch it and I was astonished to see that its design features, storyline, and concept was identical to how my storyboard had been drawn to show the main scenes, although the film format was much more colourful than my shaded pencil hand drawn story-board designs once appeared to me! Hermione too was as lovely as I had hoped my drawing of her would have looked in colour. I formed Hermione from the name written on my van. It was unusual and not common so my girl became Hermione.

JK Rowling has somehow acted out much of my marketing methods I described to a man named Alan Page. He asked me many design and story-line related questions about my storyboard designs of my Wizard story. I am a Philosopher and my designs were my stone. There are several thousand designs, notes and artwork of stories and inventions I created or were constructing that have gone missing from my home. If you think J.K. Rowling is a plagiarist then I have got some news for you… You are quite correct to believe what I know to be true. For those that don’t believe my claim to being the originator of the Harry Potter story then I am sorry for you, but You have been fooled, as everyone has been, by the wicked untruths that have been cast out to you by the so-called published author.

Can you imagine how I have felt in the time that my hundreds of characters had been stolen. I have felt lost, lonely, depressed and unhappy. However, I have laughed and enjoyed many animations & films made from my designs and storyboard sets, but to give me some credit for my inventions and story creations would not have been all that difficult. J.K. Rowling knows she did not originate the Wizard story. She has shown she can not explain where the story came from and hopes she never finds out, as she has said in a news cast on the Internet. Read a transcript of some of Rowling’s claims here;

Q: open Where did the ideas for the Harry Potter books come from?

A: Rowling: I’ve no idea where ideas come from and I hope I never find out, it would spoil the excitement for me if it turned out I just have a funny little wrinkle on the surface of my brain which makes me think about invisible train platforms.

My story has been told in the films but now it is my turn to reveal, at my pace, the many secrets that are in my story of Harry Potter. As for the person claiming plagiarism for infringing in their story themes I tell you my story about Harry Potter was my origin and nobody else’s and that includes titles mentioned in the web-site one is on. I am interested in learning what the known author thinks is his or her rights in any aspect of the Harry Potter story as it is of my origin.

J.K. Rowling has written the books about Harry but I believe she has done so only from what she deduced from storyboard materials, adding script to explain storyboard elements, such as the Witches Broom named Nimbus 2000. That name was not just a few loose letters formed into a word, hell no… I designed a van I named NIMBUS (Mitsubichi-NIMBUS). As I designed the concept Nimbus vehicle in early 1990’s and Alan Page was asking me about the designs of the Harry Potter storyboards, I deliberately named the broomstick with a name I had used for one of my product designs. The 2000 Olympic games were approaching and so I coined the name of Harry Potter’s witches broom from my NIMBUS van and the year 2000 then to be for the Olympic games here in Australia.

So now you have been told what you had thought for a long time, that the author of the Harry Potter story is a man. I am the man who created the original storyboards that told the story of the boy Wizard named Harry Potter. Hermione too and many other creatures. Click over to and read my article on: The True Origins Of Harry Potter.

Read the short story: “The Slimy Blood-Worm, Author Writes.

Read my poem THE LIAR BIRD on

It tells the story of how my story of Harry Potter got taken and appeared in England by author J.K. Rowling after the theft of the artwork on my stories and inventions.

Happy days,

Author J.K. Rawling,

Creator: Gregory Ronald Simcock

What has been said on this page is true.

The Slimy Blood-worm

June 8, 2010

A short story by J.K. Rawling “The Slimy Blood-worm”

Consider that I designed the character “Harry Potter” and I want to make this information public but I find it hard to make anyone listen to me and realize the truth of my claim but, believe me, you can see the truth before your very eyes, opening up before you, like a wondrous garden flower, full of colour and splendid perfume. Now, as you peer through the petals you are drawn into the blossoms beauty and take in the sweet scent that so makes you want more of it, so you put your nose closer and closer. You fall Forward, into the heavenly scented flower. Suddenly, you find the petals are all around you and you turn around and you begin to feel cold as the light begins to fade and that sweet scent you smelt moments before was noticeably un-likable and you see crawly things coming toward you from the inner circle, but the fear in your body has engulfed you and you feel trapped within. There is no way out and you’re all alone in a dark dank place that was once to you a splendid thing. Suddenly you see something wicked and nasty coming towards you from deep within the center. You know some slimy thing is there as you can see it slithering about the flower petals and as each petal is touched you see it transformed into slime. The slime comes at you at an ever increasing pace, it appears to have a face you know, and you begin to feel you will be saved, but wait a moment, it’s JK Rowling breaching from the slime, swiping away wrigley blood-worms from her nose and mouth. She groans and says, in a screechy sort of voice, she is going to tell you who really wrote Harry Potter and for a moment you believe her but you’re still and frightened. You can’t move as you are frozen with fear. Ahrrr, you cry out loud. You know she’s coming to get you by crook or by hook. Coming to tell you that she wrote Harry Potter and you’re about to fall a victim to the plagiaristic creature of the enchanted willrot flower! Now, you think; “What the hell is she doing in this story?” and; “How the hell am I gonna get out of here?” Then your mum taps you on your shoulder and says; “Wake up sleepyhead.” and you awaken and feel relieved, for it was all a dream. My dream!

Happy days,

Greg Simcock,
Author J. K. Rawling

This author is the original creator of the Harry Potter story concept designs, the main characters, character names, creatures, themes and story title names, all designed in the form of storyboards that picturedly told the story about a Wizard. The storyboards took 13+ years to form and some written material was with the storyboards of the stories about the Wizard, Harry Potter, named at least seven times in the storyboards written accompanying notes and in each written title. The concept of the story-line, I formed in hand drawn storyboard scenes,began forming from as far back as 1960 when this author was four years old and continued to develop in the authors mind-set through the original authors upbringing and throughout the course of his adulthood, until the story materials went walkabout in the 1990’s. The storyboards, that were stolen from the authors home, described the story told by the person calling herself J.K. Rowling. However, this authors writers name is J.K. Rawling! I am a Leo. I formed my writers name when I had formed the story of a now famous Lion King! There is a great deal more to the story than has been indicated here. The author of this body text claims to be the original author, the creator of, and the rightful copy-right and design-right holder of stories told that have been mentioned in this message and includes the story titled ‘Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone’ and other titles in the series about Harry Potter!

Gregory Ronald Simcock,

as Author J. K. Rawling

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