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Harry Potter – The Stolen Stories

October 26, 2011

Let the truth be known, that the Harry Potter stories are of the original concepts and designs by an Australian Creator, named; “Gregory Ronald Simcock”, as Author J.K. Rawling. Because of the theft of my work I now promote Internet Marketing Software which may earn me an income.

Read what prevented me from being able to publish my stories and inventions and why I haven’t presented my claims in court.  Here is my answer;
I am Greg Simcock, as author; J.K. Rawling.
You may wonder why I never presented myself to the media while the productions were still being made. I can understand if that is a question now on your mind. There are several reasons why you were not told this before. I have written about this and posted information in more detail to, but here my message is brief.

I was not aware of the theft of my stories artwork for some years after the theft, even though some strange things were noticed occurring about my home. They include; Theft, damage to and substitution of property in and at my home.

I have been an avid inventor most of my child and adult life and drew thousands of drawings of things I conceived. I lost a great amount of design art to theft. That’s the simple answer!

A friendly visitor, over the years from the early 1990’s through to the early 2000’s had been asking many technical and intrusive questions about designs and drawings of my inventions and stories, including the artwork and story-lines of the Harry Potter series that formed story-boards for the stories productions.

When I noticed design art was missing and property damage occurring over a relatively long period I became curious but I had no proof to what was stolen. Any claim is without visual photographic evidence is called “Hear-say” and without witnesses any claim is not withstanding in the legal fraternity.

When I became aware that the Harry Potter film of “The Philosopher’s Stone” was as my original story of the same name and character had shown in my story’s work prior to its theft I informed the police but the lack of police taking action on my claims of the theft of my designs and stories was very annoying. In fact, I was told I didn’t write the Harry Potter stories… Jo Rowling did! I was then told I could write about the matter. I researched for information of my stolen designs over a period of almost six years and passed to the police information on 6 CD’s and some written reports. It was not officially recorded by the police.

Not having any consideration, given by police, to what I had lost, I was under an enormous emotional strain.

I contacted Channel Nine and Channel Seven, but those News media stations did not want to know of thefts of my property or work either, so I was left without recourse, other than doing my own research and trying to document the stolen designs, their products and productions which I noticed appear on the television, in cinemas, and the consumer market.

The Harry Potter stories I had formed with a fair amount of artwork and written notes that presented graphically the majority of the main stories body and elements that included the story-lines of the stories had taken from 1978 until the theft of my stories artwork and notes in the 1990’s. In 1992 I had drawn a Ford Anglia car when I saw a news article of a fire in the Windsor Palace, England, and so I then drew a castle above the Anglia on my drawing page. That created the scene of the flying car approaching Hogwarts. The least development time I can verify is 14 years but I estimate it took seventeen years before I noticed any art theft.

The initial stories were more advanced than the other stories in the Harry Potter series but they were all named as the books and productions have been named. In other words: “All” title names of the stories in the Harry Potter series were designed and written by me, as Author; J.K. Rawling!

The theft includes story-boards for other publications Jo Rowling has written-up and published, such as the various versions of the book; “The Tales Of Beedle The Bard”!

My work that got stolen is far greater than the artwork and literature that formed the Harry Potter stories. Because of the extent of my design loss I will not be able to cover all of my loss to the many inventions I designed or the stories I created and set into story-boards.

I have not the ability or time required to deal with the theft of work that formed what was my artistry. Therefore appreciate what I can manage to publish of what were my creations that were to show the inventor and artist what I am. I am the genius Joanne Rowling and others have been credited for. Now a word from my Internet Marketing Software vendor, to which I am affiliated, to say about his offer.

If you want to know more about the true origins of the Harry Potter stories then there is plenty to read on these websites:

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The information provided in the above article is true.
I am Gregory Ronald Simcock,
Author J.K. Rawling
Joe King Rawling

Plagiarism is a serious crime against the author or artist and must not be allowed to remain unabated. Only a small amount of detail has been revealed in this message.

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