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The Slimy Blood-worm

June 8, 2010

A short story by J.K. Rawling “The Slimy Blood-worm”

Consider that I designed the character “Harry Potter” and I want to make this information public but I find it hard to make anyone listen to me and realize the truth of my claim but, believe me, you can see the truth before your very eyes, opening up before you, like a wondrous garden flower, full of colour and splendid perfume. Now, as you peer through the petals you are drawn into the blossoms beauty and take in the sweet scent that so makes you want more of it, so you put your nose closer and closer. You fall Forward, into the heavenly scented flower. Suddenly, you find the petals are all around you and you turn around and you begin to feel cold as the light begins to fade and that sweet scent you smelt moments before was noticeably un-likable and you see crawly things coming toward you from the inner circle, but the fear in your body has engulfed you and you feel trapped within. There is no way out and you’re all alone in a dark dank place that was once to you a splendid thing. Suddenly you see something wicked and nasty coming towards you from deep within the center. You know some slimy thing is there as you can see it slithering about the flower petals and as each petal is touched you see it transformed into slime. The slime comes at you at an ever increasing pace, it appears to have a face you know, and you begin to feel you will be saved, but wait a moment, it’s JK Rowling breaching from the slime, swiping away wrigley blood-worms from her nose and mouth. She groans and says, in a screechy sort of voice, she is going to tell you who really wrote Harry Potter and for a moment you believe her but you’re still and frightened. You can’t move as you are frozen with fear. Ahrrr, you cry out loud. You know she’s coming to get you by crook or by hook. Coming to tell you that she wrote Harry Potter and you’re about to fall a victim to the plagiaristic creature of the enchanted willrot flower! Now, you think; “What the hell is she doing in this story?” and; “How the hell am I gonna get out of here?” Then your mum taps you on your shoulder and says; “Wake up sleepyhead.” and you awaken and feel relieved, for it was all a dream. My dream!

Happy days,

Greg Simcock,
Author J. K. Rawling

This author is the original creator of the Harry Potter story concept designs, the main characters, character names, creatures, themes and story title names, all designed in the form of storyboards that picturedly told the story about a Wizard. The storyboards took 13+ years to form and some written material was with the storyboards of the stories about the Wizard, Harry Potter, named at least seven times in the storyboards written accompanying notes and in each written title. The concept of the story-line, I formed in hand drawn storyboard scenes,began forming from as far back as 1960 when this author was four years old and continued to develop in the authors mind-set through the original authors upbringing and throughout the course of his adulthood, until the story materials went walkabout in the 1990’s. The storyboards, that were stolen from the authors home, described the story told by the person calling herself J.K. Rowling. However, this authors writers name is J.K. Rawling! I am a Leo. I formed my writers name when I had formed the story of a now famous Lion King! There is a great deal more to the story than has been indicated here. The author of this body text claims to be the original author, the creator of, and the rightful copy-right and design-right holder of stories told that have been mentioned in this message and includes the story titled ‘Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone’ and other titles in the series about Harry Potter!

Gregory Ronald Simcock,

as Author J. K. Rawling

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